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The Silent Sea

Netflix will soon present the latest Korean sci-fi thriller series entitled The Silent Sea on December 24. Set in 2075 when Earth’s resources have been drastically reduced, an elite team goes on a mission to reach a research base that has been abandoned on the moon.

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The team consists of astrobiologist Song Jian (Bae Doona), team leader Han Yunjae (Gong Yoo), chief engineer Ryu Taesuk (Lee Joon), doctor Hong Gayoung (Kim Sun-young), chief security officer Gong Soohyuk (Lee Mu-saeng). ), as well as pilot Kim Sun (Lee Sung-wook). They must undergo a secret mission located in the central area of ​​the moon called The Silent Sea which holds many mysteries.

Ahead of its broadcast, The Silent Sea released its first teaser showing a glimpse of the tension experienced by the team members. The spacecraft carrying the elite team was forced to land on the moon due to technical problems. After struggling to get out of the ship hanging from the cliff, they made their way across the moon’s suffocating surface and finally reached the Balhae Moon Research Station. In that place, this team must risk their lives to find answers so that humanity can survive and complete their mission. Will they be able to return to earth safely?

The Silent Sea is based on director Choi Hang-yong’s short film of the same name and received attention at the 13th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival in 2014.

Don’t miss the premiere of The Silent Sea on December 24, 2021, only at Netflix!

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