The First Book About Poland in Indonesian is Officially Published

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NBCNEWS – Publisher Gramedia Pustaka Utama has officially launched the book “Country Poland for Beginners” by Piotr Smieszek and Arun Smieszek.

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The book launch took place online, on Friday (26/11).

The first book on Poland written in Indonesian was published with the full support of the Polish Embassy in Indonesia.

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The Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Indonesia, Beata Stoczynska, hopes that the book can further increase the interest of the Indonesian people in Poland by seeing the places they read for themselves.

“I invite everyone to read this book and visit Poland,” was quoted from the book’s Foreword and delivered at the Book Launch “The Country of Poland for Beginners”, Friday (11/26).

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Piotr Smieszek and Arun Smieszek are a married couple who now live in Yogyakarta.

Through 13 chapters in it, the two authors compile various main aspects that Indonesians need to know about Poland.

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Starting from history, famous figures, art, education, tourism, culinary, to the relationship between the two countries.

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