Synopsis of Riddick Showing at Trans TV Cinemas Tonight

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NBCNEWS, Trans TV cinema tonight will show Vin Diesel’s action in the film ‘Riddick’ which airs at 21.30 WIB. The film, known as ‘Riddick Rule the Dark’, is the third installment in the Riddick film series.

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The film is directed by David Twohy, who previously managed to direct popular films such as ‘Pitch Black’ (2000) and ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’ (2004).

Synopsis of ‘Riddick’ which airs in Trans TV cinemas tonight

After Krya died, Riddick felt uncomfortable carrying out his role as Lord Marshal in the Necromonger fleet. He then headed to a new planet with Vaako’s aide, Krone, and the Necromonger group.

However, when he arrived on a deserted planet, Riddick actually got into a fight with the bodyguards. Unfortunately, he had to be buried under the ground after Krone made damage that caused a landslide.

As a result of being buried by a landslide, Riddick also suffered serious leg injuries. He must fight to heal his legs and survive on the new planet.

After some time struggling to heal the leg, Riddick found a mud pool filled with Mud Demons. He then injects Mud Demons poison into his body to gain immunity.

After injecting the Mud Demon poison into his body, Riddick then kills the Mud Demon who is considered a threat to his life.

Riddick then made a weapon to protect himself. He then activated a makeshift beacon to broadcast his identity to the mercenary group.

After the beacon was activated, the mercenary group arrived. This group is led by R. Johns Boss. At almost the same time, the Mud Demons apparently returned from hibernation, and attacked the station and killed Moss and Lockspur.

Now, Riddick and John Boss must fight a horde of Mud Demons who want to take over the station. Riddick is seriously injured, but John Boss takes both nodes and leaves Riddick alone.

Can Riddick survive the Mud Demons attack? Watch the full story at Trans TV cinema tonight, at 21.30 WIB. []


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