Stage Domination, Siwon SuJu, NCT DREAM and AESPA Appear Beautiful at the ‘Tokopedia WIB K-Pop Awards 2021’ | Kpop Chart

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Tokopedia is one of the most favorite online shopping sites in Indonesia. Its presence from time to time has always succeeded in creating new innovations that can facilitate all needs in just one application.

Every month, Tokopedia regularly organizes the ‘Indonesian Shopping Time’ event or Tokopedia WIB which is often filled with K-Pop idols as guest stars. In contrast to previous months, Tokopedia WIB this month appeared more special and fresh through an event titled ‘Tokopedia WIB Indonesia K-Pop Awards 2021’ as well as giving awards with various unique category names. This event was held on Thursday (25/11/21) at 19.00 WIB and was broadcast through various platforms.

Unmitigated, as many as 10 K-Pop idol groups have been invited to appear on the WIB stage while bringing awards that have been prepared by Tokopedia. There was also a line of artists under the auspices of SM Entertainment who were also present to dominate and enliven the event, including Super Junior’s Siwon as a special host with Hansol, NCT DREAM and AESPA. Siwon revealed that he was happy because he had been invited to an extraordinary event on Tokopedia.

Followed by aespa’s performance with their newest song, which has successfully dominated various music sites, namely ‘Savage’, the performances of the four were elegantly wrapped in artistic attire. AESPA was also given an award in the ‘next level’ category. This was followed by a complete NCT DREAM performance with its seven members who performed the song ‘Hot Sauce’, wearing green and black matching colored costumes and supported by spectacular lighting.

NCT DREAM also received an award in the ‘dreamy’ category, and Mark expressed his gratitude “Thank you Tokopedia, thank you NCTZens, but most importantly and above all we want to thank Indonesian fans.”

The excitement of the Tokopedia WIB event last night was successfully greeted with enthusiasm by the public and K-Pop idol fans from Indonesia who had witnessed the cool appearance of the K-Pop idol ranks. It is hoped that the various collaborations between Indonesia and K-Pop can build better relations between Indonesia and Korea in the future. (NBCNEWS)

This article was written by Ismayati Akmaliya

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