Siska Finally Speaks Up, Vanessa Angel’s Babysitter Tells The True Chronology: Joddy Hits… – NBCNEWS

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Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah along with their only child had a traffic accident. (Instagram/edited by NBCNEWS)

Siska Lorensa, the caretaker of Gala Sky, Vanessa Angel’s son who was also a passenger in the fatal accident that killed the late Vanessa and Aunt Ardiansyah some time ago finally spoke up.

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Through the Hotman Paris Show, Vanessa Angel’s father-in-law, Faisal, conveyed the actual chronology shortly before the incident which was conveyed directly by Siska.

Based on Siska’s testimony, before the accident happened, Vanessa and Bibi did have time to rest in the rest area.

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However, the rest time was very short and resumed the journey.

At first it was Aunt who was driving the Pajero Sport, but because Aunt needed a break, she finally asked Tubagus Joddy to take turns to be a driver.

This also surprised Faisal, because Joddy had not long learned to drive a car.

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“Siska said, Febby and his wife rested in a rest area, then drank, then took turns taking the car,” said Faisal, quoted by NBCNEWS (25/11/2021).

Shortly after Joddy took turns driving the car, Siska admitted to being shocked when the man from Bogor hit the road divider and killed Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah.

Hearing the chronology, made Bibi’s family surrender and learn to be sincere about the accident that occurred.

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