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Jourdy Pranata

Online Cinema’s newest original content, One Night Stand, directed by Adriyanto Dewo will be broadcast starting today.

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Some time ago, the cast included Jourdy Pranata as the male lead and other players such as Agnes Naomi and Eduwart Manalu., director Adriyanto Dewo and producer Perlita Desiani had a virtual conversation about films that adopt the romance genre, and featured an acting competition between Putri Marino & Jourdy Pranata.

Not to be missed, Ajeng Parameswari as President of Digital Business Visinema Group, also took the time to attend, to introduce online cinemas and the reasons for choosing One Night Stand to air on the platform.

The actors and filmmakers involved in the making of One Night Stand tell about how One Night Stand describes a brief encounter, but gives a deep meaning.

Even so, the story feels close to the daily life around us. This realism is what made Adriyanto Dewo, as the director and scriptwriter, create One Night Stand.

“I’ve always liked film stories with a one-day timeline, and I’ve always liked
an honest story, from the anxiety of the characters to the realism approach that takes
real problems as well as everyday life. Based on that, came the idea for the film
One Night Stand. As a writer and director, I’ve always wanted to explore different genres
It’s different in every story I write, and this One Night Stand is my first time
write a romance genre,” said the director Adriyanto Dewo, Wednesday, November 24, 2021.

Adriyanto Dewo

The focus of this storyline is on Jourdy Pranata acting as Baskara or Ara competing with Putri Marino who plays Lea. The meeting of the two, brought each character to feel complementary, even though they both realized that the meeting was only temporary and did not know what the end would be.

Lea, a brave girl who spreads positive energy meets Ara who tends to be obedient and finds it hard to say no. However, Ara’s brief encounter with Lea changes the way Ara views life.

“This story is a reflection, it turns out to feel click with someone it can be in an unexpected way and can be in a short time. The problem is, how did it all happen? So that’s what we will see at the One Night Stand,” said Putri Marino

Jourdy Pranata
This story that is close to reality is also one of the reasons why Online Cinema finally decided to show One Night Stand.

“Stories that are close to everyday life usually have their own charm for the audience. Online Cinema
trying to present a One Night Stand, which really feels close to our daily lives,” said Ajeng Parameswari as President of Digital Business Visinema Group.

You can watch the One Night Stand movie through the website www.bioskoponline.com, or through the Online Cinema app, which can be downloaded on the App Store or on the Google Play Store.

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