Past Trauma Makes Irwan Mussry Reluctant to Have Children from Maia Estianty

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NBCNEWS – Married to Irwan Mussry, Maia Estianty from the beginning was committed not to get pregnant again. The decision was not because he was already head of four. Maia apparently followed the request of her husband who did not want to have children from her.

“I can still (have children), but Mas Irwan doesn’t want to,” said Maia Estianty, quoted from the video “Mother Maya’s Love Journey!?” on the Sule Channel YouTube channel, Friday (26/11).

Irwan Mussry’s reluctance to have children is motivated by past trauma. Maia told me that at the age of 8, her husband had left her father. Irwan does not want his son to feel what he experienced as a child.

“So he said that if he had a child at the age of 59, what age will his child be. He will live with his child later. If he was a child, he felt sorry for him (left behind). Because he had his own trauma, his father left him at a young age,” Maia told.

Maia said it was a different story if Irwan met her 10 years ago. Nevertheless, Irwan is happy to have children from Maia. Irwan’s closeness to Al, El, and Dul is like a biological father and son. Not far away.

Maia and Irwan are 14 years apart in age. Even without children, Irwan Mussry and Maia Estianty are happy with their three-year marriage. Their romance is often shown on their respective Instagram accounts.


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