Nikita Mirzani Participates in Vanessa Angel’s Father’s Comment About Inheritance: ‘The Grave Hasn’t Been 40 Days, Still Red’ | NBCNEWS

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Feeling cheated

Seeing the change in attitude, Faisal felt cheated and lied to by his besan. If he didn’t agree with the proposed guardianship right, he continued, Doddy could have said it directly so he wouldn’t tire of dealing with courts.

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“Now I feel cheated. I have signed the letter, I said that. I feel cheated, that’s where the problems started. So now he’s lying,” he said.

Aunt Sky's father Faisal© Faisal Aunt Sky’s father

Photo : YouTube Cumicumi

Not only about Gala’s guardianship rights, Faisal also accused Doddy of lying about Vanessa Angel’s insurance inheritance which was worth around Rp 500 million. When contacted, Doddy said he only received Rp 30 million.

In fact, continued Faisal, the insurance company who informed his family that the value of the insurance benefits received reached Rp500 million.

“I know, (but) just keep quiet. It doesn’t matter. Even though I knew from the start,” he said.

Previously, Doddy Sudrajat denied the accusation of wanting to control his son’s inheritance. “It’s not that I want to control Vanessa’s property, no. A rented house, no car insurance, don’t be misunderstood as if I want to control it,” said Doddy on the Youtube channel Intense Investigation.

According to Doddy, he wanted to take Vanessa’s belongings because he wanted to build a museum for his late daughter. Doddy Because Aunt’s father, according to Faisal, wants to sell the things in his daughter’s house. The reason is, less than four months, Vanessa’s house contract expires.

“On the second day, while still grieving, Mr. Faisal spoke to me, the goods here have a plan to be sold and auctioned, he spoke to me like that,” said Doddy.

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