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There are many forms of wedding dowries. There are those who use silver dirhams, gold dinars, the Koran, a set of prayer tools, to what is commonly seen, such as cash. But there are those who combine the ordinary dowry with something extraordinary, as happened at the wedding of this couple from Malaysia.

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A video uploaded via the TikTok account @seh_amirul8 suddenly went viral. The reason is that the male partner gives a large amount of money as a dowry. Each note was shaped and decorated into a large bouquet. No wonder the bride who brought him staggered until he almost fell.

The bouquet of money is worth around Rp. 68 million


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Reporting from Siakappeli, the giant bouquet was assembled from 20,000 ringgit banknotes. When converted into rupiah, the value is approximately Rp. 68 million. The bouquet looks beautiful with a combination of white ribbons and tassels, like a peacock’s tail.

Makes the groom hassle to almost a stumbling

The groom seemed to be staggering carrying the dowry. [sumber gambar]

One of the highlights of the video, which has been watched more than four million times, is the behavior of the two brides. When taken from the back of the car, the groom had a hard time lifting it. With his strength, he tried to lift but was overwhelmed. As a result, they were almost tangled.

Warganet flooded the comments column with prayers and wishes for the bride and groom

The bride looks excited to take the giant dowry. [sumber gambar]

The Rp68 million bouquet was indeed heavy. But this once-in-a-lifetime moment will certainly give good memories to both partners. At least, their happiness also increases with the prayers and hopes of the netizens.

His wife is so lucky that,” said @Riyo TiTo c mamsky.

I think pick up the bride,” joked @ragil ms.

I hope it lasts forever,” prayer from the account @Mutya1995.

May Allah give me a mate like this,said @wangisunda.

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There are many ways to make a wedding party extraordinary. Like the two couples from Malaysia. How about you? What is the unique dowry that you will give to your partner in the future?

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