Millions of red crabs dominate the highway, jamming this island

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millions of crabs stuck on the road

Millions of red crabs suddenly took control of roads in one of Australia’s islands, to be exact on Christmas Island, this made passing vehicles unable to pass through the road as usual, resulting in congestion long.

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Millions of red crabs are known to indeed appear at a certain time to the highway. the animal migrated from Christmas Island to an island off the coast of Western Australia.

“This year’s migration has been absolutely incredible,” said Christmas Island National Park natural resources manager Brendan Tiernan citing Autoblog Friday, November 26, 2021.

millions of crabs jammed the road Photo: Carbuzz

Almost all roads even according to reports are filled with red crabs that are walking in groups. With the number of millions make road users worry about killing millions of crabs filling the highway.

“The streets are full of red crabs. It causes traffic jams on this small island and people have to get out of their cars and get rid of them.”

Tiernan said the ecological phenomenon of crabs migrating to the ocean to lay eggs does not occur anywhere else in the world on such a scale.

millions of crabs fill the road
millions of crabs fill the road Photo: Carbuzz

“Sometimes we call it red crab island, the island’s people recognize how important red crab is to our ecosystem and to our economy, to tourism,” he said.

After mating, the male crabs will travel back to the forest while the female stays in the burrow for about two weeks to lay eggs. Each female can lay up to 100,000 eggs, which she will deposit into the ocean.

“Some people are pretty freaked out by the fact that they’re surrounded by millions of crawling arthropods, whereas others just drown – basically doing a little ‘angel crab red’, they’ll lie on the ground and let themselves be covered in. red crab,” Tiernan said.

The Christmas Island red crab is unique on the island and protected by Australian law.

With this condition, the local people can’t do anything. Moreover, the local government closed roads to provide access and protection for red crabs in the country.

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