Like Superhero Hawkeye? This series of strong archers is also no less cool~

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Marvel fans apparently deserve to be happy. The reason is, now we can watch the latest superhero series entitled “Hawkeye”. For those of you who don’t know, Hawkeye is a superhero character who is part of the Avengers team. He is famous for his extraordinary archery abilities. In the series, we will see the action of the Hawkeye conquering his enemies with arrows.

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Speaking of bows and arrows, this one weapon is already famous for appearing in movies or television series. Generally this weapon appears in films set in the kingdom or the Middle Ages. However, bows are also constantly being updated in modern times like now. There are even a number of fictional characters created to popularize this arrow weapon. Who are you? Let’s see more below!

1. First there is the figure of Legolas from the movie “The Lord of The Rings”. Legolas is famous for his great use of arrows because he practiced for thousands of years

Legolas/Credit: IMDb

2. Next is Daryl Dixon from the zombie series “The Walking Dead”. Daryl is the only character who uses arrows so powerfully to exterminate the undead

Daryl Dixon/Credit: IMDb

3. Then there is a female character named Ygritte. His character appeared in the television series “Game of Thrones”. Unlike other girls, she has learned to use arrows since she was little

Ygritte/Credit: IMDb

4. Entering the anime, there is the character Ashitaka from the movie “Princess Mononoke”. Ashitakan’s figure is so iconic with his blue shirt and sword and the ability to use his arrow weapons

Ashitaka/Credit: IMDb

5. Who doesn’t know Robin Hood? This character uses arrows as weapons to rob and distribute the proceeds to the poor

Robin Hood/Credit: IMDb via

6. Next there is the character Katnis Everdeen from the movie “The Hunger Games”. In this death game film, Katnis is the main character who uses a bow as the main weapon. He even defeated the last king with this weapon

Katniss Everdeen/Credit: IMDb

7. Merida is a fictional character from the animated film “Brave”. It is said that Merida learned to use arrows to prove her agility. As a result he is known as the best archer in Scottland

Brave/Credit: IMDb

8. Finally there is the figure of the Green Arrow. This character is similar to Hawkeye but a DC Comics version. Just like Hawkeye, he has no less extraordinary abilities

Green Arrow/Credit: IMDb

Those were some famous archers besides Hawkeye. What do you think SoHip? Do you know the characters above? Is there your favorite character? Let’s write your opinion in the comments column~

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