Let’s Get acquainted with the 3 Best Creator Content for October 2021! Their Stories Are So Motivating!

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Everyone has doubts when they want to start something. Sometimes this doubt appears as an obstacle as well as a test to test whether we are able to continue the work or stop because there are too many doubts that are difficult to control.

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By being able to recognize and control ourselves, the many obstacles will certainly not make us give up in our work. Accompanied by the hopes that arise, hoping his work can be a ‘bridge’ for the audience. A bridge to always spread kindness and be an impactful content creator.

Do not give up and continue to cultivate the hobby you have

This is a sentence that the content creators in Hipwee Community continue to hold dear. Be a motivation for yourself and others.

In the end, maintaining the intention to always do good for yourself and others is the main thing for content creators to always work. That’s why we don’t only accommodate your work in written form, you can work through anything! Through your work through writing, the Instagram platform, Tiktok and various other platforms by tagging us on Instagram (@hipweecommunity) because we will always accompany your creative steps.

Every month, Hipwee will choose the best content creators who have the opportunity to get attractive prizes from Hipwee. So, here are the three lucky people who won the title of Best Hipwee Content Creator for October 2021. Who are they?

I’m Rizqi Khoirunisa, in the process of recognizing myself

Rizqi Khoirunisa is the eldest of 3 siblings. He has known Hipwee since he was in college in the first semester of 2016. He dreams of having the achievement of writing articles that many people can read. But at that time he still had many doubts and felt unable to start writing. In 2018 Rizqi ventured to create a Hipwee account, and this was the first step in his courage to write.

However, after the account was created he was still confused about what topic he wanted to write about. In the midst of his doubts, he overheard one of Raditya Dika’s interviews on a Youtube account. On the show Raditya Dika answered questions related to where the source of his inspiration came from, Radit answered that the source of his inspiration is the restlessness he feels. This sentence prompted him to write his first article.

Currently, for him, writing is a process to express the confusing worries that are running through his head. Both his personal anxiety and the anxiety of those around him. Not only that, by writing he feels he can find common ground at every intersection that hinders his journey.

With the writing that I share, I hope it can also be an intermediary for readers to find a bright spot at the crossroads of their life.

Until now, many of his works have been published on Hipwee and are interesting and inspiring of course. To see his work, you can click here.

Baiq Synthia, a introvert melancholy in love with books

Baiq Synthia is a introvert melancholic and unsociable. Since childhood his friend is a book diary and pen. So he prefers to write and read. Even though I feel like I can explore the world through books and read people’s writings. After graduating from high school, he could not continue his studies, so he spent time working in Bali and in between his work he wrote.

After thinking about saving enough to continue his studies in Communication Studies, he finally flew to Malang. Many new things can inspire him and his writings. However, he later dropped out of college due to financial constraints. Writing is the ninja way, creating content on blogs, participating in novel writing competitions and copywriting including meeting Hipwee he is increasingly excited to create entertaining content. To treat feelings of failure to reach the future. Motivate others don’t give up whatever the circumstances, keep on your hobby and writing creativity. Writing as a place to share, tell stories and even add new relationships and friends.

There is no loss in writing, I become more confident, gain valuable experience, can motivate readers, thus bringing in many new friends and endless sustenance. Through writing, you can save for business capital and help your family. Although now married and will be a mother of two children. I can’t stop writing.

Until now, many of his works have been published on Hipwee and are interesting and inspiring of course. To see his work, you can click here.

Putri Cendana Sari, Writing is full of challenges but never discourages her

One of job seeker who are struggling to find a permanent job. As job seeker sometimes it becomes confusion for everyone, even for himself to the point of making depression. Luckily he met Hipwee in August when he was having a hard time. Interested in the classes in the Masterclass, with a bit of courage to start writing, finally got to this point. He did not expect his life to be colorful with Hipwee.

His writings and some of the works he made were labeled “disgusting” by one of his friends, because his best friend saw his daughter as a ‘pretentious motivator’ whose own life hasn’t been done yet but has motivated others through her stories. In fact, this writing is indeed departed from anxiety, and the past that can be repaired by everyone who goes through it. At first he was very upset and down accept it. But thanks to the enthusiasm of his mother, family and other friends, he got back up to the spirit of writing again until now.

Thank you very much for the Appreciation Hipwee gave and the support so far. Writing and learning more with Hipwee makes me confident. Meet super people and each other stay in touch and WL there are several freelance jobs arriving at this time. Once again, thank you

Until now, many of his works have been published on Instagram and are interesting and inspiring of course. To see his work, you can click here.

Come on, share your work and creations!

So, want to be like them too? Come on, write and create your article by clicking “Write Article” in the upper right corner of the Hipwee page, don’t forget to share it on your social media, so you can inspire more and more Indonesian young people. Or you can also post your work in the form of videos, images, audio on Instagram and tag @hipweecommunity. Because every month Hipwee will choose the best creator content for Hipwee to review and we will send a surprise to your house.

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