It was exciting to find Lafaz Allah Gold Coins in the Aceh River, Some were Sold for up to 100 Million – Boombastis

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What would happen if you suddenly found a treasure trove of gold coins? Maybe it feels like a windfall, yes, considering the value of gold is always going up. This is what made the residents of the Kuta Raja sub-district, Aceh, excited.

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An oyster seeker suddenly found gold in a can while he was doing his work in the Krueng Doy river in 2013. Because of this news, a group of people then flocked to the location. Some found dozens of gold coins, some wanted to bring heavy equipment.

The intention was to look for oysters, found gold coins

The discovery of gold coins in Aceh [sumber gambar]

From several sources, it is stated that at first a woman was looking for oysters in the Krueng Doy river. The woman was surprised to find human bones and then found a can. When he opened it, he found that it contained gold pieces. It is known, the gold found has the size of a shirt button with a shape like a coin. In addition, there is an engraving of the word Allah on the horrendous gold coin.

Make a scene, someone is looking for gold pieces using heavy equipment

It’s great that people are looking for gold in Krueng Doy [sumber gambar]

The news of the discovery of this gold piece, of course, did not take long to make the local residents excited. There were dozens of people, ranging from the elderly to children, who came to the location to test their luck. Some carried simple equipment, such as flashlights and buckets. At other times, there are also those who use heavy equipment. As a result of the action that was missed, the local government closed the location.

Allegations and statements vary about the origin of the gold pieces

Gold pieces in the Krueng Doy swamp [sumber gambar]

The appearance of this large number of gold pieces certainly invites some opinions about where it came from. Reporting from Merdeka, some residents suspect that the discovery of gold in this swamp is due to abrasion due to the tsunami that hit Aceh. Even so, other sources say that the location of the discovery of gold is likely to be a tomb and historical site.

The story of the inventors who managed to sell at a high price

Various shapes and sizes of gold coins in Aceh [sumber gambar]

After being found by a woman looking for oysters, residents from inside and outside Banda Aceh flocked to invade the Krueng Doy swamp. Some of them managed to go home with gold pieces, such as Fatimah who managed to get 30 pieces. However, because she was ashamed of Allah, Fatimah then sold the gold and held a feast for the orphans. Even so, there are also those who get a handful of gold which is then sold for Rp. 117 million.

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In 2013, the people of Banda Aceh were suddenly excited and feverish for gold coins because of the incident of finding the treasure in the river. There were quite a number of lucky residents who were able to return home with a windfall. But don’t think about going to Aceh and panning for gold in that place again, okay? Because the local authorities have given a ban on treasure hunting there.

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