Hana Hanifah Dismantles Artists’ Prostitution Rates, Paid Hundreds of Millions on a Date!

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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Artists’ online prostitution scandals are often in the public spotlight. Not a few of the artists who often stumble on the services of ‘serving’ masher men. Some time ago, actress and model Hana Hanifah was also involved in a similar scandal.

The woman who was reported to have had a close relationship with Kris Hatta was arrested by the police with a man in Medan, last July 2020. After undergoing an examination, he was later released because he was only a witness.

In her clarification, Hana Hanifah said that she did not come to Medan to sell herself, but for photo shoots.

Sexy actress Nikita Mirzani finally managed to make Hana Hanifah openly want to reveal about the lives of artists involved in online prostitution. Hana Hanifah directly said that there are female artists who sell themselves for hundreds of millions of rupiah for one date.

This was revealed by the celebrity Hana Hanifah when talking with Nikita Mirzani in the Langit Entertainment program on YouTube on November 10, 2021. In the video, initially Nikita Mirzani asked Hana Hanifah about the rates for online prostitution among artists.

“Is there any online prostitution that costs hundreds of millions?” asked Nikita Mirzani quoted by NBCNEWS, Thursday (25/11).


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