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Sriwijaya FC began to focus on looking at the last 8 of Liga 2 2021. They qualified after locking the title of Group A champion with a convincing result in the form of a 2-1 victory over Tiga Naga, Tuesday (23/11/21).

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Top of Group A, Sriwijaya FC is confirmed to be in Group X in the last 8 of Liga 2. Their 20 points gain can no longer be pursued by their competitors even though the group phase still has one game left.

According to the regulations of the Liga 2 operator, PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB), the leaders of Group A will meet the runners-up of Group B, the winners of Group C, and the runners-up of Group D.

In Group B, Rans Cilegon FC and Persekat Tegal will compete for the runner-up position. Both teams have both scored 17 points with one game remaining, so the final week will decide their fate.

From Group C, the top of the standings has been confirmed to belong to Persis Solo with 18 points, although there is still one game remaining.

While the runner-up in Group D was also determined in the last party because North Sulawesi United and Persiba Balikpapan both pocketed 12 points.

When asked about the competition in Group X, which is part of Persis Solo, the coach of Sriwijaya FC, Nilmaizar, admitted that he could not vote and would not.

“If you choose which group, it means underestimating the other team. In fact, the teams that qualified for the big 8 round, both in Group X and Y were the same. Everything is strong. It will be very exciting later,” said Nilmaizar.

After confirming tickets to the round of 8, Sriwijaya FC players still have not received any news regarding the kick-off time for the round of 8 or the match venue.

Sriwijaya FC has one match left in Group A against PSMS Medan. Nur Iskandar et al. certainly want to close the group stage brilliantly.

“We are also still waiting, when and where the round of 8 matches will be played. While we are preparing the team for the final match of Group A. Evaluation is still ongoing. The coach also continues to prepare mentally and improve the team’s performance,” said Nilmaizar.

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