Girl Group From Indonesia, GLASS Presents Spectacular Teaser For Comeback MV ‘OUT’ | Kpop Chart

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One of the girl groups from Indonesia, GLASS will soon be back with a music video titled ‘OUT’.

It is undeniable that recently the music industry in the country has begun to be enlivened by quality boy groups and girl groups, one of which is the girl group GLASS.

GLASS itself is a girl group consisting of four people, namely Triarona, Denissa, Eugine, and PB, which made their debut with the single ‘MINE’ in January 2021.

As a self-producing girl group, GLASS mentioned that ‘OUT’ is their biggest project this year and will be their first comeback since debuting with ‘MINE’, which managed to reach No. 4 on overseas iTunes music charts.

GLASS is also preparing their own comeback with all their heart and hopes that ‘OUT’ can be a bright spot for Indonesian girl group music, so that it can be recognized by the world and especially the Indonesian people themselves.

According to GLASS members, “The single ‘OUT’ tells the story of the struggle to go out against everything that limits oneself in achieving a dream. Indirectly, ‘OUT’ is a war song, a war against oneself or the outside world which is always trying to prevent us from being our happy selves.”

The song ‘OUT’ was produced by the members of GLASS using a mixture of Indonesian and English, accompanied by EDM music and the traditional musical instrument kecapi.

You can watch the ‘OUT’ music video through the GLASS Official YouTube channel on Friday (26/11) at 17.00 WIB.

Before that, you can watch the spectacular teaser that has been released by GLASS through the following video! (NBCNEWS)

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