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Aunt Ardiansyah’s father: Dody Sudrajat Receives Vanessa Angel’s Rp500 million insurance money

Dream – It’s really sad, after Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah died in an accident, their parents got into a fight. Vanessa’s father and Aunt are involved in accusing each other, even though they are besan.

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Previously, Doddy Sudrajat, Vanessa Angel’s father, revealed the bad nature of Faisal, Aunt Ardiansyah’s father. Now on the contrary, it was Faisal’s turn to accuse Doddy of lying about Vanessa Angel’s accident insurance disbursement. According to him, Doddy received hundreds of millions of rupiah in insurance money.

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“I asked how much from Prudential, he answered Rp. 30 million. Even though my child, my family had been contacted by Prudential, the value was more than Rp. 500 million. I know. I am silent, there is no problem,” said Faisal on the YouTube channel. Intense Investigation.

Faisal said that Doddy had been taking care of Vanessa’s insurance search for a few days after the funeral of Gala Sky’s mother.

“After going to court, two days after that, he came asking for documents for Prudential’s disbursement of funds. His heirs were him and Mayang. Then he asked for a birth certificate, marriage certificate, all the documents,” he said.

Faisal admitted that he had no problem with Vanessa’s insurance which fell into the hands of Doddy and Mayang, Vanessa’s sister. But what made him disappointed, Doddy suddenly also wanted to ask for the guardianship of their grandson, Gala Sky.

“As soon as the letter was finished signing, he put it there. Then he said, ‘Pak Haji, I also want guardianship.’ Am I not emotional? I already signed, he said that,” said Faisal.

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