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The phrase “beauty is pain” is suitable for Tasya’s style.

Dream – Many women like to wear long earrings with chain accents. Makes the look very luxurious and steals the attention. One of them is a beauty vlogger, Tasya Farasya.

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He does have a lot of piercings in his earlobe. Tasya wears long earrings with various models and changes models. To ensure that the piercing hole is maximally open, it seems that Tasya uses thread.

This is known from the upload on the account Instagramnya @tasyafarasya. The owner of this MOP makeup brand shows the condition of her piercing which is filled with thread.

Tasya Farasya piercings© Instagram Tasya Farasya

” the result of sewing thread ear earrings that are very unaesthetic today,” he wrote.

It is true that the expression beauty is pain. To be able to look beautiful and glamorous with long earrings, Tasya had to feel the pain of being pierced and threaded.

Comments popped up in the post. Many feel pain with the photos uploaded by Tasya.

“Oh my gosh, aren’t you sick? 🙁 but the results are good,” write one of the accounts.

“The one who grabbed his ear immediately raised his hand😌✋ NGILUUUU,” other netizens comment.

“I get goosebumps when I see it,” said Tasya’s follower.

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‘Lady Boss’ style, Tasya Farasya’s bag becomes the center of attention

Dream – Outfit inspiration can come from anywhere. This includes content creators and beauty vloggers, such as Tasya Farasya.

For Dream Friends who likes formal style, especially when they have to attend official office events, Tasya’s latest look might be an inspiration.

The owner of the MOP Beauty makeup brand, uploaded a photo on his Instagram account @tasyafarasya, while in the “Lady Boss” style. He combined a white shirt with a long black coat. Suitable for wearing during the rainy season like now.

She looks even cooler with this newfangled brown midi skirt high waist. The professional impression is so thick without reducing the feminine feel.

bag© Instagram/tasyafarasya.wearings

Tasya’s style is getting more luxurious, with the bag she is carrying. The brown bag, according to Instagram @tasyafarasya.wearings, is the Hermes Birkin Bag 25 series.

The estimated price of the bag is around Rp. 278 million. No wonder his appearance is so “very boss”. Want to imitate Tasya’s formal outfit, Dream Friend? (mut)

Source: Instagram/tasyafarasya.wearings

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Tasya Farasya is plain without makeup, her earrings make the wrong focus

Dream – Beauty vlogger, Tasya Farasya, is very popular among people beauty enthusiasts. Her videos of applying makeup are so creative and inspire many people, especially those who like to experiment with makeup

Tasya also has a peculiarity in her appearance. In the form of bold makeup, piles of jewelry and long curly hair that is left loose. Some time ago he uploaded a video showing his face without makeup at all.

When she looks innocent without makeup, there is something that really steals the attention, namely luxurious earrings with the “C” logo on her earlobe. The earrings are decorated with precious stones, which makes Tasya’s casual look still ‘expensive’.

The size is indeed small, but the drop earrings are quite expensive. Is a collection of the Chanel series CC Crystal Drop Earrings Gold which costs around Rp. 14.4 million.

Tasya Farasya Earrings© Instagram

Tasya really likes to wear long earrings and pile them up. He has several piercings and often decorates his earlobe with unique and luxurious design earrings.

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Thought to be Expensive, Tasya Farasya’s Ring has an Unexpected Price

Dreams – Tasya Farasya is a beauty vlogger who is always known for her glamorous appearance. He also often uses expensive accessories from well-known brands.

The ‘blink-blink’ theme has always been her favourite, especially when it comes to jewelry. Like some time ago, he seemed to be wearing a ring on his middle finger while holding a beauty product.

The ring on her middle finger looks very beautiful, and looks luxurious. Many think that the ring costs hundreds of millions.

Instagram account revealed Instagram/tasyafarasya.wearings, At that time, Tasya wore a ring from Croix with the Cour For Hearts type, which was estimated to cost only Rp. 1.5 million.

bag ring© Instagram/tasyafarasya.wearings

Although it is quite affordable, if the one who uses Tasya Farasya still looks like a luxury ring, yes, Dream Friends

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Looks luxurious, Tasya Farasya’s necklace turns out to be only Rp. 300 thousand

Dreams – Tasya Farasya is already familiar to the ears of the audience make-up enthusiast in Indonesia. This Beauty Vlogger is known for her everyday makeup bold.

Not only good at doing makeup to make a pangling, Tasya is also often seen collecting beautiful accessories such as necklaces. As uploaded to Instagram account @tasyafarasya.wearings, Tasya seems to have three necklaces with a unique model.

Tasya© Instagram: @tasyafarasya.wearings

The first appearance, Tasya looks cute wearing a gold heart-shaped necklace. This necklace is issued by the Zara brand which is priced at Rp. 399.9 thousand.

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Orange Pearl Necklace

Tasya© Instagram: @tasyafarasya.wearings

The second appearance, Tasya is more charming with a touch of orange pearl necklace, blue flowers, and a gold pendant that hangs on the necklace like a chain. Although it looks luxurious, the price of this necklace is similar to the first necklace, which is Rp. 399.9 thousand.

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White Pearl Necklace

Tasya© Instagram: @tasyafarasya.wearings

The third necklace that Tasya wears is a necklace with tiny white pearls that looks simple. This necklace, which is suitable for all occasions, is priced at IDR 329 thousand.

It turns out that looking beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive, Friends Dream. Simply spend low, you can look charming with a necklace under Rp. 500 thousand.

Report: Angela Irena Mihardja

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