Dody Sudrajat scrambles for wealth for Vanessa’s sister, Nikita Mirzani: They are the responsibility of the father, not Vanessa

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NBCNEWS – As usual, the figure of Nikita Mirzani always gives his comments about anyone’s problems. But sometimes the comments he gives are not on the basis of his own will, but are requested by his followers or fans on Instagram.

“Okay, I’ll accept this, please forgive me if there’s something wrong. So according to Niki, the name of the cemetery hasn’t been there for 40 days, it’s still red, it should be, naturally, we shouldn’t talk about inheritance, distribution, and others.” Open Nikita on her Instagram Live with Fitri Salheru.

Then Nikita commented on the problem of Vanessa Angel’s father, Dody Sudrajat, who was busy fighting over his son’s inheritance. In fact, Dody Sudrajat on behalf of Vanessa’s sisters, Mayang and Chika as the reason he had to receive the inheritance.

However, according to Nikita Mirzani, Mayang and Chika’s problems are the responsibility of the father, aka Dody Sudrajat himself. In my opinion, Vanessa’s sister is actually the responsibility of her father, not Vanessa’s responsibility,” he said.

Nikita continued that Mayang and Chika are not Vanessa’s responsibility because Vanessa already has children who should be prioritized over her younger siblings, “Because Vanessa is already married, whatever the deceased left behind, yes, it will fall to Gala.” Obviously Nikita.

Because Nikita is live on Instagram with Fitri Salhuteru, the businesswoman also gave her opinion on the distribution of Vanessa Angel’s inheritance. According to Fitri, what must be used at this time is Conscience because there is a baby that must be prioritized.

“Hopefully whatever is the child’s right, becomes the child’s right. Hopefully people who are old, even though the inheritance law does have a rule, but it’s more of a conscience, right, Nik.” It’s not.

According to Fitri, Gala still requires a lot of money so it should be considered first, “The child is still small, he still needs a lot of money. If it’s me, it’s good that the elders succumb. All for the Gala,” said Fitri.

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