Different beliefs from her biological mother, Salmafina studied religion with this figure

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Salmafina's upload on Instagram

Salmafina gave a moving sentence to someone she called her spiritual mother, namely Pastor Kim. The statement was delivered directly by the daughter of Sunan Kalijaga in Instagram Stories which showed her hugging the priest.

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It is known, Salma decided to convert from Islam to Christianity. Therefore, he adheres to a different religion from his parents. Salma’s mother, Heidy Sunan also had time to give a response when her daughter was prayed for again to embrace Islam. Like what? Check out the following reviews.

Salmafina studied religion with this figure

Recently, Salmafina share photos of togetherness with colleagues at church, including the priest. According to Salma, the priest named Kimberly Lunn has been considered as her spiritual mother.

“For mama bear / Ps Kim who has been there since the first day, from sadness to smile because she has become my spiritual mother,” wrote Salmafina in English, launching Instagram Stories on Friday (11/26/21).

Salma learned many lessons from Pastor Kim, from how to pray to about dating. “Because you have been very patient in teaching me to pray, to always be honest, who is very strict in terms of dating, taught me many other things that I can’t mention one by one.”

In addition, Pastor Kim also taught Salma how to carry a cross. The woman whose full name is Salmafina Khairunnisa said the priest was always there for her when she wanted to complain.

Salmafina’s upload on Instagram

“Teached me how to carry the cross, how to be patient, how to walk with God, how to endure. To open her house anytime when I cry, cry and cry again. Always reply to chat or phone calls,” he said.

However, after three years of embracing Christianity, Salma was asked by the priest not to be too dependent on others. This was done so that Taqy Malik’s ex-wife could be independent.

“It’s been almost three years and still holding on. It has started to be released slowly so that he is independent, he said, so it’s okay to cry and also ready to adapt because he won’t be in Bali forever,” he said.

Salma’s mother’s response when her daughter was prayed for to convert to Islam again

It is known, Salmafina often gets blasphemy from netizens because of her decision to change religion. Sometimes, Salma complains about it to her mother, Heyy Sunan. According to Salma, her mother is the only person in the family who doesn’t really care about what netizens say.

“Even if I sometimes say ‘Mom, I’m told this is this and that’, it’s like my father ‘you’re still seeing that, just do it, why do you have to do it’. My mother, I think the level of concern for Instagram and the comments of those people is very high,” said Salma in Live Instagram some time ago.

Salmafina and Heidy Sunan.  Photo: Instagram
Salmafina and Heidy Sunan. Photo: Instagram

So, Heidy Sunan will not serve netizens who pray for Salmafina to return to Islam. Therefore, Salma asked netizens not to blaspheme herself on Heidy’s Instagram account because it only wastes time and energy.

“So it doesn’t affect you saying on your IG account that you’re holding me like ‘God be patient, I hope Alma comes back to Islam’, it doesn’t affect me, I swear it won’t affect my mother. Or you say I’m on IG if you don’t take an oath,” concluded Salmafina.

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