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There are many delicious food preparations that can be made from the basic ingredients of mushrooms. However, not all types of mushrooms that are around can be consumed, yes. There are some poisonous mushrooms that can be dangerous when consumed because they contain substances that are toxic to the body.

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If you eat these types of mushrooms, the consequences can be fatal. Starting from poisoning to death can be experienced.

To minimize it, we should know the various types of these dangerous mushrooms. Generally, fungi that are toxic have several characteristics.

Ranging from striking colors like red to yellow. The smell can be more pungent than mushrooms that can be consumed.

On the other hand, mushrooms are also usually in the form of a saucer under the hat. The location for growing mushrooms is usually in a dirty location, ranging from animal cages to the remains of living creatures that have died. Another common trait will usually leave a blue-black mark when cut.

After knowing the general characteristics above, we should know some types that should be avoided. Here we summarize some of the types.

Various Types of Toxic Mushrooms That Must Be Avoided for Consuming

Here are some types of mushrooms that are dangerous when consumed.

1. Webcap Mushroom

7 Poisonous Mushrooms That Can Cause Organ Failure To Death


This one poisonous mushroom has a distinctive brown-orange color on the stem and hat. The hat is in the form of an umbrella with a fairly smooth surface.

Toxic compounds in this one mushroom are very high. The orellanin content in this mushroom can even cause death within 3 weeks.

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2. Fly Agaric

7 Poisonous Mushrooms That Can Cause Organ Failure To Death


When we first see it, we can immediately be reminded by the many illustrations in fairy tales. Its distinctive shape, has a bright red hat with small spots and a white stem.

Even though it looks beautiful, don’t eat this mushroom occasionally, okay? This mushroom, which has the Latin name Amanita muscaria, contains muscimol and ibotenic.

When consumed, the body can experience poisoning, ranging from diarrhea, nervous disorders, to causing hallucinations.

3. Death Cap Poisonous Mushroom

7 Poisonous Mushrooms That Can Cause Organ Failure To Death

As the name suggests, this mushroom has a high level of toxicity that can cause damage to organs such as kidneys, liver, and even death. Having the Latin name Amanita phalloides, this mushroom has a wide umbrella with greenish stems and white stems.

Be careful, because at first glance this mushroom is similar to mushrooms that are safe for consumption, namely straw mushrooms or straw mushrooms. Make sure we don’t get it wrong.

4. Podostroma Cornu-Damae

Beautiful But Toxic, Avoid Eating These 7 Types Of Mushrooms!


Another mushroom that looks beautiful but deadly is the Podostroma Cornu-Damae mushroom. At first glance the shape is shaped like a red chili on the ground.

With its striking color, its toxic level is so high because there is a trichothecene trichotoxic compound. When consumed, these toxins can damage the kidneys, liver, and brain.

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5. Angel Wing Poisonous Mushroom

Beautiful But Toxic, Avoid Eating These 7 Types Of Mushrooms!


Unlike the name, this one mushroom is also a row of dangerous mushrooms that can be life threatening when consumed. Latin name Pleurocybella porrigens, this mushroom at first glance can be similar to oyster mushrooms.

The difference is, this mushroom has a smooth and clean surface texture. This fungus is considered toxic because it contains high amounts of cyanide. The risk of loss of life can be experienced when consuming it.

6. Conocybe Filaris

Beautiful But Toxic, Avoid Eating These 7 Types Of Mushrooms!


The distinctive shape of the conical hat is similar to brownish gill strokes. The level of poison in this mushroom is quite high, namely amatoxin which can damage the liver.

However, usually people who eat this type of mushroom often don’t realize it. This is because the initial signs of poisoning are similar to those of GERD.

7. Toxic Mushroom Destroying Angel

Beautiful But Toxic, Avoid Eating These 7 Types Of Mushrooms!


Known as the angel mushroom of destruction, this poisonous mushroom has the Latin name Amanita bisporigera. The shape of this mushroom is quite distinctive, namely it has a clean white color, with a wide oval-shaped round hat.

The toxic reaction in this mushroom is so fast when it enters the body. In just 2-3 hours, the body can experience kidney and liver failure.

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That’s a line of poisonous mushrooms that must be avoided. Hopefully the information above can add to your knowledge, yes!


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