Anggita Sari sarcastically teases Vanessa Angel’s parents: It’s better if aunt and uncle…

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Anggita Sari.  Photo: Instagram

One of the comrades Vanessa Angel, Anggita Sari also regretted the release of the song sung by Mayang and Chika. In fact, the song was released before 40 days of the death of the late Vanessa Angel.

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“It would be better to think about the interests that should be prioritized, namely aunt & uncle’s grandchildren.. it has not been 40 days since the late Vanessa & Aunt… Whatever the reason, I don’t think it’s the right time to release single at a time when there are still many things that need to be done,” said Anggita Sari as quoted from Insertlive on Friday (11/26/21).

In fact, Anggita Sari questioned whether Vanessa’s parents did not remember their granddaughter, Gala Sky.

Would you rather come with me and uncle to visit my grandson? I want to go there, don’t you miss it? we pray for the grandson & the two deceased, so that it will be more blessed later, or busy with his single? hehe kidding,he said.

Anggita Sari is not the only public figure who regrets the attitude of Vanessa’s parents. Previously, Marissya Icha, who is also a friend of Vanessa Angel’s, admitted that she couldn’t understand the upload of the late mother who was laughing cheerfully in the car.

Anggita Sari. Photo: Instagram

Nikita Mirzani gives a message to Vanessa Angel’s father

Nikita Mirzani also opened his voice about the polemic of the distribution of the inheritance left by Vanessa-Auntie.

“The deceased’s father insisted on asking Vanessa to share her wealth because Vanessa still has a sister. In my opinion, Vanessa’s sister is actually her father’s responsibility, not Vanessa’s. Because Vanessa is married. So whatever is left by the deceased, it will go to the Gala,” he said in a broadcast Instagram live on reported by Hops on Thursday, (25/11/21).

On that occasion, Nikita Mirzani said that Vanessa and Bibi’s legacy was not necessarily enough to pay for Gala to go to college.

“That’s right, it won’t be enough until Gala grows up. So it would be better for these old people, as long as they are still healthy, the legs are not paralyzed, naudzubillah, the brain can still be used to think, look for a lawful job, just work, don’t take care of inheritance.”

Nikita also gave a wise response to Vanessa Angel’s father, Doddy Sudrajat as follows.

“For Mr. Doddy, I also know him, even though I don’t know him very well because there was a WhatsApp before when Vanessa had a problem, please mean that you’re still in good health, it’s better to work, don’t worry about your wealth. Everyone already has their take,” he concluded.

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