A landslide victory against Myanmar, Irfan Jaya doesn’t want Jumawa: We have to fix it

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“Is the Indonesian national team ready to conquer the AFF Cup?”

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NBCNEWS – The Indonesian national team managed to conquer Myanmar with a convincing score,
The victory occurred in a test match which was held at the Emirhan Sports Complex, Antalya, Turkey on Thursday (11/26/2021) night WIB.

Garuda squad won with a score of 4-1. These results are good capital for Shin Tae-yong’s team, which will perform in the 2020 AFF Cup in December in Singapore.

The readiness of the Indonesian national team to win the title in the biennial event has also been confirmed by the Indonesian national team striker. This was recognized by Irfan Jaya, who also contributed a goal in the match.

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“My goal was motivating so that in the 2020 AFF Cup I can achieve the best results,” said Irfan Jaya.

According to the PSS Sleman player, he and his colleagues are increasingly confident.

“Now the team is getting better and better. Physically and finishing have also improved, as evidenced by the four goals scored in this match.”

Even so, the 28-year-old player does not want to be satisfied with the results they have achieved. Irfan said that the Indonesian national team still needed to improve. There is still enough time for Garuda to improve before actually competing in the AFF Cup.

“We are very happy that we were able to win in this match. This is thanks to the hard work and cohesiveness of all the players. However, we admit that there are still shortcomings in the team, and that we must improve,” he added.

This victory is indeed a very important asset for Indonesia in undergoing the 2020 AFF Cup. Moreover, in the previous test match, Irfan Jaya and colleagues fell narrowly from Afghanistan with a score of 0-1.

In the upcoming AFF Cup, Indonesia joins in a fairly tight Group B with Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. The inaugural match of the Indonesian national team squad will take place on December 9 against Cambodia.

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