7 Tips for Creating Attractive and Selling Website Content for Digital Marketing Purposes

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For business owners who already have a website with cheap hosting and quality, definitely not foreign to the term digital marketing, a form of marketing that is done using digital media. Not only business owners, even the general public seems to be familiar with the term digital marketing, because practices that rely on relevance are able to reach consumers precisely.

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Well, in the world digital marketing In this case, the content is the first important part to pay attention to. You could say, the content in digital marketing is king. Without interesting and selling content, your marketing or promotions will not run optimally. However, there are still many websites that are not running yet digital marketing-maximally because the content presented is not quite right.

If you also feel digital marketing your website is not yet optimal, here are 7 tips for creating interesting and selling website content. However, before that, let’s get acquainted with the types of content for websites.

Types of content for websites

Website content illustration | Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Contents digital marketing For websites, they are generally made in text or written format with images or even videos. In this case, articles are a popular type of content to use because they can optimize search engine optimization (SEO) so that a website has the opportunity to appear in search engines.

Here are some types of website content that can be adapted to your approach digital marketing.

1. Articles story telling

This is one type of article content that is quite popular. With articles story telling, You can present information using storytelling techniques. Although prioritizing the story aspect, the article story telling must follow the flow from conflict, climax, solution to conclusion, and most importantly relevant to the business or product you are selling.

2. Articles product knowledge

Article product knowledge most appropriate to use to convey something informative, such as the introduction of the latest product that includes all information related to the product. As the name implies, the function of this article is to add insight to the reader regarding what you are selling.

3. Article tutorial

If the article product knowledge aims to increase the reader’s insight regarding the products or services you sell, then tutorial articles can be used to explain further about the steps or how to use certain goods, how to order the products or services you offer, and other important things related to your business. .

4. Tips article

Tips articles are types of articles that are not only informative but can provide benefits direct to the reader. This type of article is counted as much sought after by internet users, you know. Through this article you can write various tips that suit your business. For example, for a healthy food website you can write articles with the title “Tips for Choosing Healthy Food Ingredients” and the like.

5. Content copywriting

You can choose this content to provide direct product offers or promotions alias hard selling. Simply put, through content copywriting You don’t need to make small talk in offering or promoting a product. Because, this one technique must be written in the shortest possible sentence with an attractive language style.

Now, after getting to know the types of content for websites, now let’s explore how to create interesting content to support your goals digital marketing-your.

Tips for creating attractive and selling website content

Illustration starting to create article content | Photo by Justin Morgan on Unsplash

Creating interesting and selling content for websites is not easy, only if you don’t know the practical tips. Well, learning tips for creating website content will be very useful, especially if you have purchased a domain and hosting. For that, here are 7 tips. Listen, yes!

1. First define the content concept, soft selling or hard selling

The first thing you need to do is define a concept. You can choose content soft selling or hard selling for website content. The choice of this concept must be adjusted to the purpose of your content, yes.

If you want to present something informative, choose a concept soft selling to write articles such as tips, tutorials, story telling. Meanwhile, if your goal is direct sales or promotion, choose a concept hard selling for example by creating content copywriting.

2. Next, determine the theme of your content

After knowing which concept to create content with, then start determining the theme of your content. For starters, choose the most searched content theme on the internet. You can do a little research on search engines to find the most searched themes and according to the focus of your website. With this you can increase the chances for your content or website to be found by readers.

3. After finding the content theme, continue by choosing the right keywords

Unlike writing article content for print media, your article website needs to contain keywords (keywords) that are relevant and frequently sought by readers. Why is this important? Because without the right keywords, your article content can be swayed in the wilds of the internet and difficult for readers to find.

Here you can use a number of tools to research the right keywords for your articles and potential readers. Some of tools Freebies that you can use for keyword research include Ubersuggest and Google Trend. After finding the right keywords, please use them in your articles.

4. Start writing your articles in SEO friendly

Keywords What you have found earlier will be very useful for writing SEO articles friendly. The meaning of this term is that the article must be friendly search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the chances of your website appearing in search results or the first page of search engines.

Well, the criteria for SEO articles friendly what you have to fulfill is to use keywords, and articles must be relevant to keywords the. In addition, the deployment keywords in the article must also be good, keyword density or the percentage of keywords appearing on the website from the overall content of 3%, and articles must be human readable aka easy to read.

5. Use subtitles on articles to increase reader convenience

Aspect human readable You can fulfill one of them by using subtitles on articles that contain more than 500 words. As in this article, you can see that there are two subtitles that are used so that readers don’t get bored.

Subtitles are also important to avoid confusion if the reader “jumps” from one section to another in the article. In making subtitles, you must pay attention to the relevance or relation to the main theme or title of the article.

6. In addition to using subtitles, write articles with short paragraphs

The easiest way to measure comfort when reading an article is to position yourself as a reader when writing it. In addition, you can also write articles in short paragraphs to keep the reader comfortable and not tired before the article is finished reading. For this reason, each paragraph in your article should only contain up to four sentences.

7. Complete the article with pictures and call to action (CTA)

To make your article content look more interesting, don’t forget to add images. The use of images becomes more important if the type of article you choose is a tutorial. Here, the image serves as a complementary guide rather than just a sweetener.

In addition to images, to support the cause digital marketing-mu complete the article with call to action (CTA) at the end. CTA can be made using persuasive sentences with the aim of persuading readers to want to buy, order products and services, or simply become loyal readers of your articles. With CTA, the articles you create are not only interesting but also sell.

Well, that’s 7 tips for creating interesting and selling website article content. Are you ready to implement it? Before starting to create interesting and selling article content for your website, keep in mind that content is not the only factor that can support product sales through digital marketing. You also need to choose a trusted hosting so that your site or web application data is well managed, like what Hostinger Indonesia offers.

As one of the best web hosting providers in Indonesia, Hostinger has a series of easy website creation features that can be used even by novice businessmen who are unfamiliar with technical procedures, with the help of a 24/7 Customer Success Specialist.

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How, interested in hosting products from Hostinger Indonesia to support sales and digital marketing? For more detailed information you can get via the link https://www.hostinger.co.id. Congratulations on choosing a hosting package that suits your business needs, and hopefully the content for your website will be more interesting and selling, yes!

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