Ya Allah… This is Tubagus Joddy’s condition in prison

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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Tubagus Joddy’s father, Endang, revealed his son’s condition after being officially detained by the Jombang Police, East Java. Joddy was named a suspect in the accident that killed Vanessa Angel and Febri ‘Auntie’ Andriansyah.

“Thank God Tubagus Joddy is good and ready. He is strong in facing the legal process,” said Endang, met in Bogor, West Java, Monday (15/11/2021).

He said that his son would be responsible for the wrong he had done.

“Tubagus Joddy will not defend himself. This is purely Tubagus Joddy’s fault for his negligence,” said Endang.

He also appealed to the public to be careful when driving on the road.

“I hope there won’t be an incident like this again because the slightest thing can cause an incident like this,” he said. Previously, Endang had met the family of the late Aunt Andriansyah. He came to apologize on behalf of Joddy.

Vanessa Angel and her husband, Bibi Andriansyah, died after the car they were traveling in had a single accident on the JoMo Toll Road on Thursday (4/11/2021).

In the accident, Vanessa Angel’s son Gala Sky survived along with their nanny and driver, Tubagus Joddy.


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