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The dream of someone who is getting married, definitely wants to be happy together until the end of age. However, before starting the household, a bride was sobbing. The reason is that the wedding, which had been prepared as well as possible, turned out to be an arena for fraud.

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This sad story was uploaded by the owner of the Instagram account @sylvara.makeup. Not only being cheated by marriage services that were allegedly fake, the groom also just disappeared. How’s the story that the bride has bad luck twice?

On the wedding day, the building looks empty

Illustration of the bride and groom. [sumber gambar]

Usually wedding organizer (WO) will prepare all the needs of the wedding, starting from the day before the event. However, an oddity was revealed by Sylvarani. The owner of Sylvara Makeup’s bridal makeup service, did not see any decorations or catering equipment in the wedding hall. Finally, the make-up artist decided to postpone the bride’s makeup.

The prospective groom also does not show the bridge of his nose

The groom-to-be also caused a stir in his own family. [sumber gambar]

It’s not just WO that ruins the bride’s happiness. Insolent, the groom was also not seen at the location of the event. In the video, the MUA says that the bride was forced to return home. Luckily the woman can accept her bad luck and be strong.

Chronology of disappointed events on the wedding day

Speaking to Wolipop, Sylvarani recounted the chronology of the incidents of wedding fraud. The MUA revealed that the marriage contract was supposed to start at 10:00. Even when they came to the building that was thought to be rented, the security guard said that there was no wedding that day.

Sylvara Makeup Instastory screenshot. [sumber gambar]

Several people then came in to prove the security guard’s words. Sure enough, there was nothing inside the building. There is only the arrangement of seats from the former vaccine event. The MUA then reported this news to the bride’s family. A few moments later, the bride-to-be came with her father. They look angry and disappointed.

The groom-to-be was previously the bride-to-be’s partner

Photos of suspected fraudsters under the guise of a wedding have gone viral on social media. [sumber gambar]

To Sylvarani, the bride-to-be told about her future husband. He said that he met the man while working in the same office, in early 2021. After the woman left the job, the future husband was determined to marry her. Despite being rejected, the man did not back down until finally the plans for his second wedding day emerged.

Had promised to solve the problem, the groom-to-be was finally caught by the police

After this incident went viral, an upload appeared showing the man’s regret. He also contacted the prospective bride and promised to be responsible in front of his future wife’s father. But wait just wait, the man never came.

The fraudster has been arrested by the police. [sumber gambar]

The latest news, the man has been secured by the Bogor Police. From there, it was revealed that the money that was planned for the wedding was actually used for gambling on line. According to Sylvarani, the man is indeed fond of spree. Notes “history” from Google also shows that he often visits slot gambling sites.

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Getting married is important. But above all, the happiness of spouse and extended family is also more important. A lesson for anyone to consider everything, including knowing more about a potential partner. So that there will be no more disappointed brides because of failed marriages.

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