Well lol? Tangerang Residents Accused of Cheating and Persecuted Even Sentenced

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ACCURATE.CO A resident in the Tangerang area with the initials WW was convicted for allegedly committing a crime of beating and molesting.

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But on the one hand, the WW admitted that he was the victim of persecution.

WW’s legal team, Arifin Umaternate asked law enforcement officials to provide legal protection to his client.

“Our client was attacked, how come he was even sentenced,” said Arifin Umanternate to reporters, Thursday (11/25/2021).

Arifin explained the chronology of events that began on October 22, 2020 at around 15.00 WIB. This incident occurred in the Boulevard Gading area, Serpong, Kelapa Dua District, Tangerang Regency.

At that time, a woman with the initials L and her husband AO suddenly came to WW. Arifin said, without further ado, WW was attacked by both of them.

“L and AO showed a rude attitude that was angry and attacked WISNU and carried out violence by throwing WW with a padlock so that it hit WW’s body and scratched his hand,” explained Arifin.

The throwing and scratching caused WW to have bruises and cuts on his left hand, neck, chest and left cheek.

In fact, said Arifin, WW had a hearing loss. According to Arifin, the actions of L and her husband AO were based on their accusations against WW.


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