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VIRAL Warga Sumsel Kejar Polantas Pakai Celurit Gegara Kesal Anak Ditilang

A video of a car driver chasing a traffic police (Polantas) with a sickle in Banyuasin, South Sumatra (Sumsel), has gone viral. The man named M Nur (39) is suspected of chasing Polantas with a sickle because he did not accept that the motorbike his son was driving was confiscated.

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“Yes, that’s right, what I think is true,” said the Head of Criminal Investigation at the Banyuasin Police, AKP Ikang Ade, when asked for a confirmation, Thursday (25/11/2021).

Ikang said that the incident occurred when members of the Banyuasin Police Traffic Unit were conducting a raid on the completeness of motorized crime documents on the eastern Sumatra, Palembang-Betung, and Polwan Monument, Banyuasin, morning (25/11) morning.

“The victim has no injuries. The incident happened while members of the police were carrying out routine activities at the Tugu Polwan intersection, Betung, this morning,” he said.

According to him, еtwa tυ егmυӏа when the Satlantas officer with the initials An stopped the motorbike that M Nur’s son was allegedly driving. The motorbike was stopped for not using еӏm. When checked, the MOTORCYCLE STNK was actually dead, so the motorbike was not confiscated.

“Shortly after arresting the perpetrator’s child’s motorbike. The perpetrator came driving here and stopped at the scene of the incident, the perpetrator got out of the car and wanted to attack the officer with two knife blades and a long machete, wanting to stab the victim,” he said.

Polantas initials аn fell ditch. Residents then tried to break up so that there was no fight.

M Nur then went to the Banyuasin music team. The police then found M Nur and arrested him at noon.

Apart from M Nur, the police confiscated items such as sickles, machetes, motorbike units, and one car.

“The perpetrator who fled towards Muba was caught without a fight. When interrogated, the perpetrator admitted that he was desperate to carry out this action because he felt displeased that he was given a ticket by a member of the police who was on duty,” he said.

“The perpetrator is now being snared in layers, namely Article 335 of the Criminal Code and Article 212 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 2 of the Emergency Law No. 12 of 1951 concerning the Jam,” he said.


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