Vanessa Angel’s sisters compose a song, Irma Rachim: We work with skills, not child exploitation

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Yesterday's video clip.  Photo: YouTube Music Proactive

Family Vanessa Angel recently became the public spotlight after Vanessa’s sister, Mayang and Chika released a song called Yesterday and uploaded a video clip of the song. Many think that Vanessa Angel’s family is gaining profit and taking advantage of the moment in the midst of a sad atmosphere, considering that it has not been 40 days since Vanessa died.

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The video for the song Yesterday, which was sung by Mayang and Chika, also seemed to get a lot of dislikes. Until this article was published, the video had more than 99 thousand dislikes, while it only had 6 thousand likes.

Even so, this video has been watched by many with nearly 1 million views. The song’s video is also trending at number 2 for music.

Responding to the viralness of the song, Insula Film’s singer and co-producer, Irma Rachim said that Mayang, Chika and those involved in making the song worked using skills.

Yesterday’s video clip. Photo: YouTube Music Proactive

He also compared it to child exploitation. He said, they work not by exploiting children. It is not clear who he was insinuating from his writing.

We work with the totality of our skills, not by exploiting children every day,” wrote Irma Rachim, quoted by Hops.ID on Thursday, November 25, 2021.

Irma in a post on Instagram The story seems to mark the accounts of Vanessa’s parents, Doddy Soedrajat and Puput Soedrajat. Doddy and Puput also seemed to re-share the upload.

In subsequent uploads, Irma Rachim is also very happy to see the fact that the song Yesterday sung by Mayang and Icha can be trending on YouTube.

Irma Rachim's upload.  Photo: Instagram
Irma Rachim’s upload. Photo: Instagram

Mayang and Chika release song

Sister of the late Vanessa Angel, Mayang Lucyana Fitri and Nachika Septalia Nasy recorded and released a song called Yesterday. In fact, both of them have also released a video clip of the song on the Proactive Music YouTube channel. After the song was released, it immediately received a lot of negative response from netizens.

Vanessa Mayang photo: Inshagram
Vanessa’s sister put out a song. Photo: Inshagram

Many netizens thought that Mayang, Chika and Vanessa Angel’s family took advantage of the moment in the midst of a mourning atmosphere, considering that it had not been 40 days since Vanessa Angel had died in an accident. The video clip for the song Yesterday also featured several photos of Bibi and Vanessa together.

Many netizens did not like the song. Not only netizens, even Vanessa Angel’s best friend, Marissya Icha, admitted that she couldn’t understand the decision of Vanessa Angel’s family who rushed to release a song in the midst of a mourning atmosphere.

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