Uniquely Suits Made from Men’s Mustaches. There’s a Noble Reason Behind Its Making

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Have you ever imagined in your mind there is a suit made from a man’s mustache? It’s really funny when you think about it, hehe. But, recently something has caught the world’s attention in the field of men’s fashion. An Australian fashion brand has just released a suit made from a men’s mustache. Something that you never imagined has happened.

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Interestingly, there is a touching message from the designer behind the mustache-based suit. For those who are curious, let’s look at the following details!

1. The well-known Australian brand Politix collaborated with a visual designer named Pamela Kleemann-Passi in making a suit from the man’s mustache

Mo-Hair suit | Credit: Twitter @campaignbrief

A well-known Australian fashion brand named Politix collaborated with a Melbourne visual designer named Pamela Kleeman in making a unique suit made from the man’s mustache. Pamela then connected ideas between art, hair, and medical science to produce this unique suit. Furthermore, the suits of the men’s mustaches were named Mo-Hair.

2. The process of making Mo-Hair was assisted by many men who donated their mustache hair

Mo-Hair suit | Credit: Campaignbrief.com

Reporting from Oddity Central, many men who heard about the project of making a suit made of mustache are then excited to donate their mustache hair through Sustainable Salons. It was from this salon that Pamela Kleeman received many donations of men’s mustache hair.

3. Complete details of the Mo-Hair design that was geniusly designed by Pamela Kleeman, every part of the suit did not escape the man’s mustache!

Mo-Hair suit | Credit: Campaignbrief.com

The Mo-Hair suit is made using a textile fabric which is then formulated through a combination of mustache hair and cotton, then woven and held together by a layer of tulle by Pamela. Then, the fabric is cut into a model Politix suit single breasted with the permission of the chief designer named Paul Burden. Uniquely, the main button on the suit is also made of a round mustache. Really sophisticated!

4. Behind the uniqueness of the Mo-Hair suit there is a movement or campaign named Movember about men’s health

Mo-Hair suit | Credit: Odditycentral

Movember is an annual event that encourages men around the world to grow a mustache in November to raise awareness of serious men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer. This year, Politix decided to do something special for Movember which made a suit using real mustache hair.

On the other hand, the designer, Pamela, apparently had an experience where her husband died of prostate cancer in 2016. This is a strong reason for Pamela to be involved in the project of making the Mo-Hair suit. To support the Movember movement, Politix covered the suit with a cloth with several motivations for men to care more about their health. In addition, the layer of cloth is also useful so that the user of the suit does not feel itchy due to the mustache.

Even though the Mo-Hair suit looks gruesome, ridiculous, or maybe even disgusting we’ve ever seen, at least there’s a noble purpose behind it which is to increase men’s concern for their own health.

Currently, Mo-Hair is not officially for sale, if you have the opportunity, are you interested in trying it? ️


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