Trending #BTScrosswalk, this is the song that BTS brought for The Late Late Show with James Corden

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NBCNEWS – Once again, BTS has become a trending topic on Twitter social media. The South Korean boy group has just displayed its performance in front of road users. As the name implies ‘cross walk’, BTS appears in the middle of a road crossing at a red light.

BTS was invited to the famous The Late Late Show with James Corden. Of course, BTS will spoil the eyes of their fans who will witness his arrival at the event.

But there was something different about this appearance. BTS is seen dancing in the middle of a highway crossing. At a red light, BTS cleverly performed their songs. Even though it wasn’t the full duration, the performance was enough to make road users and netizens excited.

It seems that the appearance has been carefully prepared and negotiated. The equipment displayed is also quite varied. There was a large BUTTER sign, a trampoline, a painted billboard and even a smokebomb.

Things got even more exciting when the green light came on. All the personnel were running frantically avoiding the highway. Even Jimin fell down and was followed by host James Corden then carried him to the side of the road. Jungkook was also seen busy helping officers lift the trampoline to the side of the road.

Currently #BTScrosswalk has reached 111 thousand tweets, while James Corden said it has reached 312 thousand tweets and along with Bangtan’s words which have reached 257 thousand tweets in just a few hours.

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