Thriller genre, Estelle Linden is challenged to play Vidkill

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NBCNEWS – Success with the Dilan trilogy, at the end of 2021, Max Pictures presents a thriller film entitled Vidkill. This film marks the return of Max Pictures, after almost 2 years, not presenting films in theaters due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

The film, starring Dikta, Estelle Linden, Gesya Shandy and Shindy Huang, tells the story of Theo (Pradikta Wicaksono) who tries to save his fiancée (Estelle Linden) and his two best friends (Gesya Shandy and Shindy Huang) who are terrorized by foreigners, while they are on vacation in a villa. Theo tries to save his fiancé and friend through a video call.

Max Pictures producer Ody Mulya revealed that Vidkill is the first thriller film produced by Max Pictures in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic. “With all the limitations and with strict health protocols, we strive to provide the best results for mystery and horror film lovers. tension is presented throughout this film,” he said.

Vidkill film director, Dyan Sunu Prastowo hopes that this film will provide a new experience for Indonesian film fans. “Alhamdulillah, there were no problems during the production process. I hope this film can provide a tense entertainment for the audience of the Vidkill film. Besides being unpredictable and tense, this film has almost 90% PoV from webcams or video calls,” he explained.

Pradikta Wicaksono, or who is familiarly called Dikta, was impressed when he starred in the film Vidkill. “This is my first thriller genre film. It’s an amazing opportunity to try playing a non-drama genre film. This film is a new challenge for me, because the concept is also different. I’m really happy,” he said.

Estelle Linden, who is Dikta’s co-star, revealed that despite having to follow health protocols, she did not encounter any difficulties during filming. “I played Stella, as Theo’s fiancé. I was excited when I heard the concept of the film like that. Because in Indonesia I have never seen a film with this kind of treatment,” he explained.

Sandy Huang also admitted that the Vidkill film had its own challenges for him. “It’s fun and challenging, although all projects for me have their own challenges, but since this is my “first thriller” (previously there was a similar genre but more focused on mystery) I feel a new adrenaline rush. Besides that, the presentation format is also very interesting, there is a combination of digital layouts, which is arguably the first time it has been presented on the big screen in Indonesia,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gesya Shandy, who plays the role of Cheryl, admitted that she did not find it difficult to build chemistry with other players. “Me, Dikta, Estelle, and Cindy are meeting for the first time. But we are on the same frequency, so we don’t find any difficulties during the shooting process. We also support each other and give each other input,” he said.


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