This Woman Meets Her Soulmate at 55 Years Old, Her Wedding Moment is Full of Haru | NBCNEWS

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Prayer Flood

Suddenly the upload reaped various comments from netizens. Not a few of them prayed for the happy couple.

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Be happy sis. I am 48 years old and until now still looking for my true love. May God also bring me to my soul mate soon. Amen,” write @puspitasari2408.

Late marriage doesn’t matter, the important thing is to be happy, because a mate is God’s secret. May you always be happy until death do you part, touched to see it,” write @alexcagrecylie.

Please don’t marry because of age, don’t get married in a hurry. Marry because HE’S THE BEST COUPLE. It’s wrong to get a priest, it’s really a household without a pillar,” write @eckayuniar07.

Those who like to ask when are you getting married, when are you pregnant when are you please believe in the power of God, everything has been arranged, please stop blaming,” write @fitria171217.

My neighbor is 40 years old, he just met his soul mate and his husband has never been married, now he has a 1 year old child, it’s God’s secret,” write @alderamine.

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