Thiago Alcantara’s hilarious moment passes the ball to Santa’s advertisement, both are red

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“In such conditions, it is difficult to tell which one is friend, which one is Santa Claus. Check the video!”

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NBCNEWS – Thiago Alcantara has had a tortuous career in football, which has not always been as smooth as driving on a motorway. Starting from Barcelona, ​​the son of the Brazilian legend, Mazinho, migrated to Germany with Bayern Munich. Now, Thiago defends Liverpool in the Premier League.

Throughout his playing career, there have been many unique events that happened to Thiago. One that is quite strange and very funny was created in Germany, a few years ago.

In a match against RB Leipzig, Thiago passed the ball wrong. Instead of sending the ball to his partner, Thiago actually kicked the ball into a digital billboard. Luckily, before leaving the field, one of his colleagues deftly intercepted the ball, and then continued his attack.

Thiago was then on the left side of the field in the Leipzig playing area. He received a pass from his partner and tried to pass the ball to another teammate.

The question is, why did Thiago do it? Does he have a visual impairment? Could it be that Rafael Alcantara’s brother deliberately wanted to throw the ball? Turns out the answer is no!

So what? That’s because a digital billboard on the side of the field displays an inscription with an image of Santa Claus as if walking. Since Santa Claus is wearing a red costume, aka the same as the Bayern jersey, Thiago seems to have failed to focus.

Top 10 Fastest Footballers in the World Right Now

Apparently, he thought the red clothes that Santa was wearing in the ad were his fellow FC Hollywood players who were getting ready to hit the ball.

Uniquely, the Bayern coach at the time, Carlo Ancelotti, was not angry with Thiago’s behavior. In fact, colleagues and club management actually made it a joke for months. In fact, they still talk about it to this day.

The official English edition of Bayern’s Twitter account later announced that Santa Claus had signed a contract with the club on the advice of Ancelotti and his assistants.

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