The song is covered by Vanessa Angel’s sister, Ifan Seventeen: Don’t even remember

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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Ifan Seventeen suddenly spoke about the success of a song in the eyes of his band. The singer whose real name is Riefan Fajarsyah uploaded his portrait on stage while holding a mic.

“We at Seventeen agreed that a successful song doesn’t always have to be trending or viral, but it can leave an impression on the hearts of those who hear it,” he said on Instagram on Wednesday (11/24/2021).

He considered that sometimes there are viral songs but the meaning of the songs themselves are not conveyed properly.

“Because the reality is often reversed, the song is viral and trending, but the good message is never conveyed, nor is it remembered,” he continued.

Seeing the upload, several netizens linked it to Mayang, the sister of the late Vanessa Angel. He just covered Seventeen’s song Yesterday.

Considering Mayang’s cover video is now being discussed until it’s trending on YouTube. He was judged to sing the sad song with a happy expression.


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