The Medan Police Destroys the Image of the Police, His Actions Are Serious

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NBCNEWS – Brigadier WP damaged the image of the Police. The actions of the police officers who served at the West Medan Police, North Sumatra, were very serious.

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He had the heart to take away his neighbour’s motorbike, HA, on Jalan Alumunium III, Medan Deli District, Sunday (21/11).

Initially, WP went to HA’s house. He wanted to borrow HA’s motorbike.

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However, HA was not at home. WP then borrowed a motorbike from HA’s sister-in-law.

WP apparently never returned the motorbike he borrowed.

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The victim then reported the WP to the West Medan Police. The West Medan Police Chief Kompol Ruzi Gusman did not remain silent.

Ruzi immediately ordered his men to arrest Brigadier WP.

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“We have secured it,” said Ruzi, Wednesday (24/11).

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