The Impact of the Pandemic, Dragon ADA Band Finds Ways to Connect Life

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NBCNEWS The world of Indonesian music has also been affected by the pandemic for the past 2 years. Indra Perdana Sinaga or better known as the Naga ADA Band is one of the musicians who was affected.

Many restrictions and regulations caused the music industry to stop instantly. The entertainment stage has also not been given full permission by the government to hold concerts so that many musicians are quiet about calling for jobs.

Seeing the pandemic situation that has not gradually recovered and is normal, it turns out that Naga has a new source of income from the businesses and businesses he has tried during this pandemic. However, when asked what kind of business he is engaged in, the man of Batak descent chooses to remain silent and does not tell the media about his business.

“There is, God willing, it doesn’t have to be told. There are businesses outside of music and they can still adapt to the business pandemic situation,” said Naga.

With the pandemic situation and conditions, Naga also believes that he has other potential in himself other than in the field of music. So that he does not limit himself to learning something new, namely working in the business field.

“If asked whether to replace his professional in the field of music, maybe not. Because the pandemic situation makes us see the other side, other things we can do that. So I don’t rule out the possibility that outside of music, I have other activities that are called professions,” explained Naga.

For Naga, as a result of this pandemic, everyone can learn new things and activities from previous activities and the world. So, people are not monotonous to live their daily life.

Previously, the 38-year-old man had been the vocalist of the band LYLA and joined the ADA Band in 2020. The decision to leave LYLA was not a problem. Naga feels that he is no longer in line and has been interested in ADA Band since he became the backing vocalist. Feeling that the music and songs are synergistic and compatible, Naga focused on pursuing a project with the ADA Band. He was also focused on pursuing a solo career at that time.

(Rara Dwi Citra)


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