Shandy Aulia’s father reveals the treatment of David Herbowo’s family: I’m heartbroken, I didn’t expect…

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NBCNEWS, Jakarta —

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Shandy Aulia and David Herbowo’s wedding in 2011 was without the presence of their parents. Shandy Aulia’s father refused to attend because he was hurt.

Kemas Yulius Effendy, the father of Shandy Aulia, was hurt because David Herbowo’s family did not ask for permission directly when they wanted to propose to their daughter. He regretted the attitude of David and his extended family who seemed reluctant to meet him in person.

“No, he (Shandy) asked me for permission. The only thing I regret was that it was so fast. That’s already from the family itself, from the man’s side there was no talk at all against me,” said Kemas on the Indosiar YouTube channel, Friday (8/10/2021).

Kemas also did not think that his daughter really loved David Herbowo and wanted to get married soon. Kemas thought that Shandy Aulia was just joking like he usually does. He was also surprised that Shandy’s marriage to the man of his choice seemed rushed.

“I didn’t expect it, I thought he was joking, right, ‘I want to get married at this date’. How come it suddenly happened, I was shocked, confused,” said Kemas.


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