Samsung is rumored to be injecting the Galaxy Note series to death, focusing on folding phones

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series.  Photo: Samsung

The original giant technology company South Korea, Samsung rumored to be lethal injection of their Galaxy Note series smartphone starting next year. The news circulated after news emerged from South Korean media, ETNews.

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The report shows that Samsung has decided to phase out the Galaxy Note series completely, halting its development and making the phone ‘history’.

According to ETNews, reported Friday November 26, 2021, Samsung has removed the Galaxy Note series from its annual smartphone product plan for 2022. Furthermore, the report also mentions that the production and sales of the last Galaxy Note, namely the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will also be discontinued.

Although some people think that the production number is quite low because the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra have been out for more than fifteen months since their launch, ETNews says that Samsung is still producing 3.2 million units for the Galaxy Note 20 series to meet the demands of fans of the series. .

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. Photo: Samsung

However, continued ETNews, starting in 2022, this number will be zero and there will be no production of new Galaxy Notes.

The main reason behind Samsung’s decision to lethal the Galaxy Note series is to increase the production of foldable phones. The Korean company also wants to replace the launch and sales window of the Galaxy Note series with a foldable phone. In essence, they will focus on folding phones.

News of Samsung wanting to inject the Note line down has actually surfaced since last year. However, after the news was all over the place at the time, one of Samsung’s officials confirmed that a device from the new Note series would be available in 2021.

But in fact, until 2021 has entered the end of the year, there has been no sign of the launch of Samsung devices from the Note series. The only Samsung flagship offering released this year comes from the S series, namely the S21 series.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Photo: Samsung
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Photo: Samsung

Apart from that, another Samsung official recently confirmed that the release date for the new Galaxy Note devices has now been set for 2022. The news does feel a bit ‘out of place’, considering the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra device has been touted. as the true successor to the Note 20 Ultra, complete with a box design and S Pen slot.

As such, it’s as if Samsung itself can’t make a decision about the Note series.

However, Samsung’s belief in its Fold series is not misplaced at all. The company has managed to sell around 2.3 million foldable devices worldwide in the first half of 2021. This does not include the highly successful Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G which was only released in H2 2021.

Removing the Note series would offer Samsung increased production capacity for its foldable devices, particularly the Z Flip series, a series the company plans to sell by 13 million units next year. Looking at this target, it seems reasonable for the company to focus on foldable phones.

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