Revolving Case, Riri Khasmita Reports Back to Brother Nirina Zubir. Claims to be held captive for a year

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The case of the land mafia that befell the family of actress Nirina Zubir continues to attract public attention. After he uncovered a land mafia case that cost his family up to 17 billion rupiah, the police then arrested a number of suspects. It doesn’t stop there, this case is still ongoing and has become a hot topic for netizens. Recently, the main suspect and former household assistant (ART) Nirina Zubir’s mother reported back to the family.

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Riri Khasmita, a former household member of Nirina’s family, countered by reporting Nirina Zubir’s brother, Fadhlan Karim, to Polda Metro Jaya. Previously, Riri Khasmita was suspected of embezzling six certificates belonging to Nirina Zubir’s family and then replacing them with his name. Investigators then named five suspects, namely Riri Khasmita, her husband, Edrianto, and three West Jakarta PPAT notaries.

Riri Khasmita reported Fadhlan Karim for admitting that he had been held captive for one year

Before being officially named a suspect and detained at the Polda Metro Jaya detention center, Riri Khasmita had already reported Nirina Zubir’s sister. The report on the alleged deprivation of independence has now been transferred to the West Jakarta Police. Riri’s attorney, Putra Kurniadi, explained that he and his husband had been held captive by Fadhlan for one year.

His party also explained that the confinement in question was not being allowed to leave the house. He further explained that only one of them was allowed to leave the house, namely between the husband and wife.

“So, in front of it, security is tightly guarded for 24 hours, you are not allowed to go out. The fence is padlocked, even for the sick it is not allowed. Even if you want to leave, it’s an exchange with your child,” said Riri’s attorney as reported by (24/11).

This report was made because Riri admitted that she hoped for the good intentions of Nirina Zubir’s family. In this report, Nirina Zubir’s sister was charged with Article 333 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) concerning Deprivation of One’s Freedom.

Allegations of confinement are denied by Nirina Zubir, she believes the truth will speak

Responding to the report submitted by Riri Khasmita to her family, Nirina Zubir denied the accusation. He said he had photo and video evidence to prove the allegations of confinement were untrue. The actress was also not afraid of the reports that were filed and instead responded casually. It is known that Nirina Zubir is still monitoring the development of the land mafia case that has harmed his family. He also believes that eventually the truth will speak.

It is suspected that the confinement occurred after Nirina’s family asked for payment related to the property certificate which had been reversed by the household member. However, Riri’s attorney considered that this could not be used as a justification. Regarding this report, the West Jakarta Metro Police will continue to investigate reports of alleged confinement. His party will coordinate with Polda Metro Jaya to examine and clarify Riri Khasmita’s report.


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