Rarely seen, Mayang admits not close to Gala: Gala treats me like a stranger

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Mayang and Chika, Vanessa Angel's sister.  Photo: YouTube

Younger brother Vanessa Angel, Mayang revealed his relationship with Gala Sky until he admitted that Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah had visited in a dream. In the dream, Mayang mentioned that Vanessa and Bibi smiled at him while wearing white clothes.

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“I was dreamed of by the late Mas Aunt too. Twice just smile wearing a white shirt, smile at me, ” he said reported by Hops on Friday (11/26/21).

Mayang also expressed her desire to spend time with Gala. During this time, he admitted that he rarely met Gala. This is what makes him afraid if Gala does not recognize her as an aunt.

“Yes, I want to play with Gala, go for walks with Gala, so it’s like Gala and I rarely see each other. I’m afraid he won’t recognize me as an aunt. Come on us me time together with Gala let her know me. I just met Gala, I can count fingers.”

According to Mayang, the last time he met Gala was at Vanessa-Aunt’s 7 daily newspaper. He admitted that Gala thought of him as a foreigner. Regarding custody, Mayang submitted the final decision to the Court.

Mayang and Chika, Vanessa Angel’s sister. Photo: YouTube

“Gala herself still thinks of me as a stranger, ‘Who is this?’ I really want it (custodial rights fall into Doddy’s hands) like that, sis. It’s just that the court will decide for whom custody will be held, let the court decide,” he said.

Mayang and Chika deny social assistance

On the same occasion, Mayang and Chika also denied the allegation that they were only aji while and took advantage of the moment of Vanessa Angel’s death to release a song. He admitted that the song was a form of offering for Vanessa’s 40 days.

“I-cover This song is sincere for 40 daily Kak Eca. I’m not looking for likes or views, nothing. That’s me purely for my last offering in 40 daily Kak Eca. If they comment negatively, that’s up to you. It’s their right to comment. So I don’t care,” he said.

Mayang in the video clip for the song 'Yesterday'.  Photo: YouTube
Mayang in the video clip for the song ‘Yesterday’. Photo: YouTube

Meanwhile, Chika admitted that she had also cried when she read negative comments from netizens. “Actually, I also cried when I read (citizen comments) ‘Why don’t you just kill yourself anyway?”

Mayang also has her own way of calming Chika down. “Don’t listen to it. Just close the comments, let’s just leave it to God. God doesn’t sleep. Hopefully those with malicious comments don’t turn to them.”

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