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The giant club of Liga 1 2021-2022, PSM Makassar, has just officially sacked Milomir Seslija from the head coach seat.

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The news of PSM Makassar leaving Milomir Seslija was announced through the official Instagram of the club nicknamed Juku Eja on Thursday (11/25/21) night WIB.

“PSM Makassar has officially ended the collaboration with Coach Milomir Seslija,” wrote PSM’s official Instagram.

The dismissal was forced by the Makassar PSM management because Milomir Seslija had failed to improve the performance of Zulkifli Syukur et al.

They just swallowed the bitter pill because they failed to win in three consecutive matches in Liga 1. After losing 0-2 to Bhayangkara FC, PSM was held by PSS Sleman 2-2 and finally silenced by PSIS Semarang with a score of 0-1.

The result makes Juku Eja now stuck in 13th position in the Liga 1 standings by collecting 17 points from 13 matches.

After ejecting Milomir Seslija, the seat of PSM Makassar head coach was temporarily taken over by the assistant coach, Syamsuddin Batola.

“Starting the match against Persipura in week 14, the team will be led by Caretaker Syamsuddin Batola,” said PSM Makassar Managing Director, Munafri Arifuddin, as quoted from the club’s official website.

The appointment of Syamsuddin Batola as coach is only temporary. The reason is, the 54-year-old coach does not yet have a license according to League 1 regulations.

PSM Makassar management is very grateful to Milomir Seslija and wishes the Bosnian coach success in the next port.

“The Makassar PSM management is grateful for his hard work and wishes Milo success wherever he is,” wrote the PSM official website.

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