Priyanka Chopra Jokes Nick Jonas About The 10 Year Age Difference Between Them

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NBCNEWS – There are more and more rumors about wanting to divorce because Priyanka Chopra (39) deleted Jonas’ name on her social media, now viral roasting or Priyanka Chopra’s joke about Nick Jonas, on Netflix’s The Jonas Brothers Family Roast Comedy. The producer and star of The White Tiger, throws a joke that is quite loud, tickling, even for Nick’s brothers, Joe and Kevin Jonas.

Priyanka’s action on the Netflix roasting stage is quite laughable. Including Nick himself. “I am delighted, and appreciated, to be here tonight to make fun of my husband, Nick Jonas and his brother, whose names I can never remember,” Priyanka opened her roast.

“I come from India. A country rich in culture, music, and entertainment, which is clear, The Jonas Brothers cannot penetrate there,” he joked again. This immediately made Nick, Joe, and Kevin laugh. Next, Priyanka focuses on the age difference between herself and Nick, who is still 29 and jealous.

“Nick and I have a 10 year age difference, so that’s us. And a lot of pop culture references that she didn’t understand and I had to explain them to her… while she taught me how to use TikTok, and I taught her what a successful acting career looks like,” said Priyanka Chopra. When it comes to acting, we know that Priyanka has been recognized for the first time and has become global in the Bollywood industry until she finally made her way to Hollywood.

Priyanka also joked how “funny” The Jonas Brothers were uploading their content on social media. But the number of followers is still inferior to Priyanka. “I’ll tell you, they have collaborated with three of them, but they still have a lot less followers than me. So I think the most popular in the Jonas family is @PriyankaChopra, especially on Instaram, right?” Priyankan joked while laughing. But then Priyanka adds that she loves her husband very much and the thing she loves the most is the similarities between them. “For example, yes, we’re both very, very obsessed—with Nick Jonas. Yes, we love Nick Joas. He is our favourite,” the audience immediately laughed at that.

Priyanka says there’s no way she’s married to anyone other than Nick, unless Christ Hemsworth is suddenly single, maybe things will change. As soon as he jokes


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