Pressure to Disband MUI Sharpens, Head of PA 212: It’s a joke

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NBCNEWS – The urge to disband MUI is getting sharper. The Chairperson of the PA 212 Presidium thought it was just for fun.

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Aminudin responded strongly to the call to dissolve the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). For him, the role of MUI is very big.

The hashtags to disband MUI were buzzing after Densus 88 arrested a terrorist from one of the members of the institution, which was considered a joke.

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He called it just a joke. For him, people who attack MUI do not understand the big role of MUI.

“It’s just a joke. People who don’t have work,” Aminudin said to NBCNEWS, Thursday (25/11).

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He explained that MUI is a respectable institution where scholars gather.

Therefore, the arrest of terrorists at the MUI does not mean that all can dictate to all scholars like that.

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“MUI is a very respectable institution, a gathering place for Muslim leaders,” he said.

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