Portrait of Tangguh Raya Kitty, who has been a single mom for a year, really cool!! – Gossip

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Being successful as a single mother, Raya Kitty’s style of child rearing always gets various compliments from netizens.

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Choose to be a single mother, artist Raya Kitty shows her responsibility as a responsible young mother in her own way.

Often sharing portraits of his only child, the artist born in Bandung, West Java looks youthful at the age of 27.

Living alone accompanying the development of the baby, Raya Kitty’s tough charm as a Single Mom has also received praise from netizens.

Back busy filling the show on the screen while raising children, what is Raya Kitty’s tough portrait like?

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Let’s take a peek and read more carefully here yuk!


Officially divorced from Muhammad Abid Zia in 2020, this is a portrait of Raya Kitty who has successfully become a single mom.


Tough and still strong in living life, Raya Kitty’s charm never fades to decorate her beautiful face.

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A year into being, Raya Kitty has proven that she can be a young single mother who is responsible for her baby.


The racer, model, as well as the role artist looks elegant and graceful while supporting and raising his only child alone.

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Used to look tomboyish, now Raya Kitty looks more girly.


Raya Kitty’s style invites the fruit to shop for toys, this is really cool.


So, what do you think about this soap opera star as well as the beautiful racer Raya Kitty?

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