Political Observer Analysis: So Anies Baswedan’s Final Battle

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NBCNEWS – Political observer Adi Prayitno also highlighted the prestigious event of Formula E, which Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan continues to anticipate.

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Adi Prayitno hopes that this event should have a lot of impact for Indonesia, because so far it has always stolen the public’s attention even long before its implementation.

He considered, if a prestigious event was held spectacularly, it would be seen as more for Indonesia.

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However, on the other hand, this will not only consume the budget, but also become a bad judgment at the end of Anies Baswedan’s term of office.

“Anies must be responsible for Formula E. If Formula E runs well and is spectacularly viewed on an international scale. This will be a good legacy for Anies Baswedan,” explained Adi Prayitno to NBCNEWS, Thursday (25/11).

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Adi Prayitno said that on the other hand, if the public’s response to this event is lacking, it will be a bad event at the end of his reign.

“Formula E is Anies Baswedan’s final battle, this is like a serious gamble,” he said.

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He considered that if the event was good and profitable, Anies Baswedan would be the first to receive appreciation.

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