Persija Jakarta vs Bali United Results: Tridatu Soldiers Get Three Points After Nadeo thwarts Marko Simic’s penalty – NBCNEWS

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Persija Jakarta vs Bali United Results: Tridatu Soldiers Get Three Points After Nadeo Fails Marko Simic's Penalty

The results of Persija Jakarta vs Bali United in the 13th week of the BRI Liga 2021/22 were won by Serdadu Tridatu with a score of 1-0, Thursday (25/11) night WIB.

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Welcoming this match both teams are in high confidence. The reason is, Persija Jakarta and Bali United in the previous match won over their opponents.

As a result, the match which took place at the Manahan Stadium for the Bali United camp was able to break into Andritany’s goal through Ilija Spasojevic’s header in the 26th minute. The results of Persija Jakarta vs Bali United in the first half ended 1-0 in favor of Serdadu Tridatu.

The statistics for the first half recorded Bali winning 56 to 44 percent of ball possession. Then each team both recorded one shot on target.

After halftime, Persija put pressure on Bali United. Unfortunately, the final finishing that was not calm made the Kemayoran Tigers unable to equalize. Bali United also had a chance and could not add to his goals. In extra time Persija received a penalty after Dony Tri was violated. Unfortunately, Marko Simic failed to carry out his duties after Nadeo made a save with his foot.

No doubt, the result of Persija Jakarta vs Bali United which was won by Stefano Cugurra Teco’s team and made them move up to fourth place in the BRI Liga 1 standings by packing 25 points. The defeat for Persija put them in ninth place.

On the other hand, Spasojevic leads the list of top scorers with 10 goals in BRI Liga 1. Meanwhile, this victory has made Bali United unbeaten in the last three meetings with Persija with a score of 1-0.

The course of the match

First round

At the beginning of the first half, Persija had a chance from Marco Motta’s feet. The Italian soccer player released a hard kick from the right side after receiving a pass from Riko Simanjuntak and the ball was still managed by Nadeo.

After that, it was Bali United’s turn to threaten Persija’s goal from an attack built by Eber Bessa. The Brazilian passport player also sent a pass to Melvin Platje. Unfortunately, Platje’s kick could still be thwarted by Andritany.

After this opportunity, both Indonesian League clubs from Jakarta and Bali United traded attacks. In the 26th minute, Ricky Fajrin sent a hanging cross to Ilija Spasojevic from the left side. The naturalized player immediately headed the ball into the Persija goal. Tridatu’s soldiers are 1-0 up.

In the 29th minute, Bali United got a free kick after Osvaldo Haay violated a football club player from the Island of the Gods. Fadil Sausu immediately released a hard kick at Persija Jakarta’s goal, but Andritany was still able to catch it stickily.

In the 34th minute, Bali again threatened Persija and this time from Andhika Wijaya from the right side. He sent a pass to Lilipaly and he almost scored. Persija tried to build an attack, but the Tridatu Soldiers were still able to block it. This cannot be separated from Bali United’s midfield which is playing better.

Ahead of the break, Persija Jakarta tried to get out of the pressure and get a corner kick. Unfortunately, can not be used properly to equalize. Persija Jakarta vs Bali United results in the first half with a 1-0 advantage for the football club from the Island of the Gods.

Second round

At the beginning of the second half, Persija Jakarta played more aggressively. However, the final solution is still not very good. In the 54th minute, Rohit Chand made an experiment by releasing a hard kick, but his shot still bounced.

A minute later, Riko Simanjuntak released a spoiled pass to Simic and almost scored a goal if his shot was not blocked by Leonard Tupamahu. After that, it was Bali United’s turn to have a chance from Platje’s feet and Andritany’s high shot could still be anticipated.

Bali United again put pressure on where Stefano Lilipaly sent a cross to Melvin Platje. Unfortunately, the header from the Dutch soccer player still bounced over the Persija crossbar.

Persija Jakarta again put pressure on Bali United and had a chance from Riko Simanjuntak. Unfortunately, the kick of the player from Medan was still wide on the right side of the Bali United goal. The Kemayoran Tigers again dismantled Bali United’s defense, but the Indonesian League club from the Island of the Gods was still able to calmly suppress Persija’s attack.

Continued to be pressed, Bali United made two changes to play Lerby and M Rahmat. Then pulled out Spasojevic and Platje. Entering the 75th minute, Persija also refreshed playing Dony Tri and Dwiky Arya. Meanwhile, Rohit Chand and Osvaldo Haay were drawn.

Entering the 85th minute, Bali United still maintained its lead. In the last minute Persija got a penalty after Dony Tri was violated in the forbidden box. Marko Simic who stepped forward as an executor failed to carry out his duties. The reason, can be anticipated with the feet of Nadeo. Persija Jakarta vs Bali United results were won 1-0 for Serdadu Tridatu.

Persija vs Bali United line-up:

Persija (3-4-3) Andritany, Marco Motta, Maman, Yann Motta, Novri Setiawan, Tony Sucipto, Rohit Chand, Braif Osvaldo Haay, Riko Simanjuntak, Marko Simic.

Bali United (3-4-3) Nadeo, Andhika Wijaya, Leonard Tupamahu, Willian Pachecho, Ricky Fajrin, Fadil Sausu, Eber Bessa, Brwa Nouri, Stefano Lilipaly, Melvin Platje, Ilija Spasojevic.

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