One Step Again, Wonderkid PSM Makassar Wins Elite Pro Academy Gold Shoe | NBCNEWS

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Just counting the days, the PSM Makassar wonderkid is almost certain to be the top scorer in the youth competition, Elite Pro Academy Liga 1 U-18.

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The player in question is Ricky Pratama, a young footballer who plays as a winger, who has stolen attention throughout the EPA League 1 U-18.

How could it not be, Ricky Pratama has scored 27 goals throughout the Elite Pro Academy Liga 1 title, even though PSM Makassar finally lost in the last 8 round.

PSM Makassar was defeated by Persebaya Surabaya, in a match that was held last Monday (22/11/21), at Sabilulungan Field. The Juku Eja squad is 1-3 behind Bajul Ijo.

Even so, the title of top scorer seems almost certain to belong to Ricky Pratama. Because, his competitor is now far behind, namely Yuda Editya from Borneo FC.

Yuda Editya brought Borneo FC to the semifinals of the Elite Pro Academy Liga 1 U-18, and has scored 16 goals for Pesut Etam.

Borneo FC will challenge Persib Bandung in the semifinals. If they win, they will appear in the 2021 U-18 EPA League 1 final. However, if the team loses, there is still a fight for the third place.

Yuda Editya could have scored a lot of goals in Borneo FC’s two matches later. However, of course, it is very difficult to overtake Ricky Pratama’s goal achievement in the 2021 season.

Another competitor on the U-18 League 1 goalscoring list is fellow PSM Makassar player, M. Rafly Asrul, who has scored 14 goals. Unfortunately, the journey of Juku Eja is complete.

The Indonesian national team coach, Shin Tae-yong was attracted to Ricky Pratama’s performance while defending PSM Makassar in the Elite Pro Academy (EPA) U-18 League 1 competition in 2021.

As a result, the 18-year-old footballer was called up to strengthen the Indonesian U-18 national team, during a visit to Turkey which was held from November 16 to early December.

Ricky Pratama and the U-18 national team squad who are currently training in Turkey, are prepared to defend the Indonesian national team in the U-20 World Cup, which will be held in 2023.

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