MUI: Society and Government Don’t Give Negative Stigma to the Meaning of Jihad and Khilafah

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ACCURATE.CO The 7th Ijtima Ulama Fatwa Commission of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) which was held on 9-11 in Jakarta, was officially closed by the Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qaumas on Thursday (11/11/2021).

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The forum, which was attended by 700 participants, consisted of elements of the Central Indonesian Ulema Council Leadership Council, members of the Central MUI Fatwa Commission, heads of commissions/agencies/institutions at the Central MUI. As is known, the MUI has agreed on 17 points from the Ijtima’ Ulama discussion, one of which is a discussion of JIHAD AND khilafah IN THE CONTEXT OF THE UNITED STATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA.

As reported from the official website on Sunday (14/11/2021), the following is a complete description of the results of the discussion on JIHAD AND khilafah IN THE CONTEXT OF THE UNITED STATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA.

1. Basically the leadership system in Islam is dynamic in accordance with agreements and considerations of benefit, which are intended for the interests of maintaining the nobility of religion (hirasati al-din) manage world affairs (siyasati al-duniya). In the History of Islamic Civilization, there are various models/systems of state and government as well as leadership succession mechanisms, all of which are syar’i legal;

2. The Khilafah is not the only model/system of leadership recognized and practiced in Islam. In the Islamic world there are several models/systems of government such as: monarchy, emirate, sultanate, and republic;

3. The Indonesian people agreed to form a Unitary State in the form of a Republic as a maximum effort to realize the ideals of the nation as stated in the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution;

4. Jihad is one of the core teachings in Islam to elevate the word of Allah (li i’laai sentenceillah) as has been issued a fatwa by MUI;

5. In a peaceful situation, the implementation of the meaning of jihad in the context of the life of the nation and state is carried out by means of serious and sustainable efforts to maintain and exalt the religion of Allah (li i’laai sentenceillah) by doing various good activities;

6. In a war situation, jihad means the obligation of Muslims to take up arms in order to defend the sovereignty of the state;

7. MUI uses manhaj wasathiyah (fair and balanced) in understanding the meaning of jihad and caliphate. Therefore, MUI rejects the view that deliberately obscures the meaning of jihad and caliphate, which states that Jihad and caliphate are not part of Islam. On the other hand, MUI also rejects views that interpret jihad as merely war, and the caliphate as the only system of government.


1. So that the community and government do not give a negative stigma to the meaning of jihad and caliphate. []


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