Ministry of Religion-KUA Asked to Prevent and Abolish Contract Marriages

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ACCURATE.CO Deputy Chairman of Commission VIII of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Rieke Diah Pitaloka, expressed his concern about the phenomenon of contract marriage with the siri mating mode which is rife in recent times. Related to this, Diah stated that there is a need for firmness from the government, especially the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) through the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) to immediately prevent contract marriages.

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According to him, the revitalization of KUA is not only physical, but also important is morality.

“One of them is the aspect of women’s protection that must be taken up by the Ministry of Religion through the KUA through socialization of the prevention and abolition of contract marriages. Moreover, considering that contract marriage is something that is not sakinah, tends to be transactional and does not comply with religious teachings,” Diah said in her official statement, Jakarta, Thursday (25/11/2021).

In addition, the politician from the PDI-Struggle Faction also revealed that contract marriage is something that is considered dishonorable because it tends to be transactional. In fact, contract marriages are prone to causing violence which is mostly detrimental to women.

Thus, Diah again emphasized that the Ministry of Religion through the KUA is obliged to immediately provide guidance, briefing and supervision of the penghulu when they will marry off citizens, especially foreign nationals to prevent contract marriages.

He suggested that policy makers or law enforcement should immediately develop an action plan in addressing the issue of contract marriage and it is not enough just to issue regulations.

“The Ministry of Religion can make special programs in the form of debriefing, coaching and supervising the practice of contract marriage. If necessary, open a complaint to the community, if they find a violation of the contract marriage law, they can report it. This is a very serious social problem, it hurts our citizens to be treated badly in the case of contract marriages with foreigners, especially in Bogor Regency to the peak of Cianjur,” he concluded. []


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